Whiskey Run Series {Reading Order – 5 Books} by Hope Ford

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Whiskey Run Series {Reading Order – 5 Books} by Hope Ford

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Whiskey Run is a small town in Tennessee where you find curvy women who are ready to bring the alpha men in their lives to their knees. Get ready for some instalove in this series of short, steamy and completely loveable novellas from Hope Ford.

Whiskey Run Series by Hope Ford

Faithful (Whiskey Run Book 1) by Hope Ford

Rating: 4 out of 5.

He’s the hot, say-it-like-it-is cowboy, and he won’t stop until he gets the woman he wants.

Her father means everything to Millie which is why she puts up with her cheating and lying ex-boyfriend Mike every day. Finding out that he only dated her in order to land the manager’s position at the Whiskey Run Farmers Co-op which her father owns. Overhearing him take to his other girlfriend about how big Millie was etc. Knowing that her father wishes to spend more time at the ranch she sucks it up and puts a smile on her face.

Grabbing a bite to eat before a meeting Austin overhears a conversation between the server Violet and the beautiful curvy woman who came in to order a takeout lunch. Heading over to enquire about Millie after she leaves he buys her a slice of cake it sounded like she wanted. Pleased to find out she is the daughter of the co-op owner he is about to see – enabling him to drop the cake off.

Despite finding Austin attractive, Millie knows that mixing business and pleasure doesn’t work out well for her. Austin managed to get her father on his side and agree to a business dinner in the diner they hit it off. But when she doesn’t hear from him she assumes that she has been pushed aside but a call from his ranch has everything changing.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Captivated (Whiskey Run Book 2) by Hope Ford

Rating: 4 out of 5.

She’s a beautiful woman on the run… and I’m going to be the one to keep her.

With just enough money for a bus ticket, Heather (Emma) opted to try Whiskey Run over Jasper as somewhere to escape her past and forge a new life for herself. Advised to try the diner for a job after having no luck at the bakery she speaks to Violet about any vacancies. Whilst waiting for her to return after ordering her some food, Heather spots a handsome cowboy who is dining on his own.

Heating the door chime, Brett automatically looks up and spots a beautiful young woman entering Read’s Diner. After finishing his dinner he sees that Violet is talking to her as he heads over to pay. Violet making him about a housekeeper job at his ranch which he has never advertised, although he can see what she is attempting to do. Looking at Heather he can see she is vulnerable and scared, making him feel protective of her. Offering her a place to stay which is safe for her.

Worried about her past catching up with her Heather is nervous about dragging Brett into it all and wonders if she should leave to face the music. After breaking down and being held by Brett all night she is surprised that he isn’t throwing her out, instead, he offers to go and find out what is happening in her old hometown. But he is just being friendly, right? There is no way he could love a girl like her, right?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Obsessed (Whiskey Run Book 3) by Hope Ford

Rating: 4 out of 5.

She’s loved him since high school and now he’s back.

Dropping some books off at the diner for Violet, Sierra is waiting for her slice of cinnamon apple pie and coffee when a familiar voice rings in her ears. Her high school crush Evan who she has continued to hold a torch despite him being away in the Army for the past four years, Turning around to face him she tries her best to hide the hurt when he fails to remember who she is.

Adjusting to being back in Whiskey Run hasn’t been easy for Evan. Home for a little over a month after an honourable discharge on medical grounds he is left suffering from vertigo. Working for his family’s security company he is happy to head to red’s Diner to quote for a new package and catch up with Violet. Seeing the beautiful girl dash out of the diner he can’t help but feel he knows her – shocked to discover it was Sierra from high school.

Heading to the library to take her forgotten cake and coffee as well as apologising for not recognising her. Unfortunately, his attempts do not go down well especially when he asks her out for dinner and she turns him down. Finding excuses to be at the library Evan wants to be near her to help change her mind but this leads to a revelation about something else happening in her life.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Seduced (Whiskey Run Book 4) by Hope Ford

Rating: 4 out of 5.

All that’s ever mattered to me is football.
Until I meet the woman that makes me question everything.

Needing some time away from Red’s Diner, Violet heads to Jasper for a few days. Whilst it might only be 30 minutes away it feels like a million miles. As she refuels her car she spots a black SUV pull in with the most handsome hunk climbing out it. Tall and so wide she wonders how he gets through doors. Overhearing his call on his phone in the store it is clear he needs a caterer for a charity thing and finds herself volunteering for the stranger.

Having spotted the curvy beauty as he entered the store on his way to football practice, he was attempting to source a replacement caterer for a make-a-wish dinner. He never thought she would be his saving grace as well as being the one to make his heart pound. Chatting after dinner leads to a night of celebrating and an empty bed the following morning. Leaving Josh with memories of their drunken fun, drive-thru marriage and night of passion.

Two months later and after receiving divorce papers Josh is surprised to find that Violet was so close and te so far from his home in Jasper. But now he is here to claim his wife and he has no plans on signing divorce papers. Agreeing to I’ve Josh three days to provide that their drive-thru marriage could work, Violet knows she needs to come clean to him but she isn’t ready to let him go now that he’s back in her life.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Devoted (Whiskey Run Book 5) by Hope Ford

Rating: 4 out of 5.

She’s a beautiful model.
And she’s from the city.
Two big reasons why I shouldn’t want her.

Seeing his sister Violet happy, settled with her football star husband and ready to give birth any day now makes Tate feel happy for her. Although he is happy to tease her too when Josh turns up at Red’s Diner to find out that she snook out of the house. Offering to help deliver a catering order for a photoshoot happening in town he grabs the bags and heads on over., Completely taken by a woman who helps him set up the food – especially when she moans at seeing a slice of cake that Violet put in or her.

As a model Lakelyn has seen her fair share of handsome men but the handsomely rugged man bringing the catering takes her breath away. Needing to get closer she offers to help him before she is pulled into hair & makeup. Coming back out she looks for him and is surprised to see that he is now looking at her differently now that she is all made up for the photo shoot – and not in a good way.

With Tate leaving before getting to take to him again she heads off to the diner to see if she can track him down. Finding him at his garage they opt to have dinner as friends after he explains that they could never be, They have a fun evening, and share a kiss but then he walks away, Deciding that she is going to fight for him she heads back to the garage for an unforgettable night.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

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