Stryker County Fire Dept. Series {Reading Order 7 books} by Kali Hart

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Stryker County Fire Dept. Series {Reading Order 7 books} by Kali Hart

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The Stryker County Fire Dept. collection is a seven-part series from Kali Hart featuring sweet & steamy short instalove romances featuring older firefighters men and younger curvy women. Check out Walker, Chase, Nate, Dameon, Jack, Braxton, and Felix if you enjoy protective passionate heroes who will do anything for the women they love and confident curvy heroines who don’t need a man but secretly want one. 

Stryker County Fire Dept. Series by Kali Hart

Walker: A Firefighter Curvy Woman Romance (Stryker County Fire Dept. Book 1)

Published 10th December 2019

Erin: Leave it to me to have to call the fire department because my daring kitten gets stuck in a tree.
Walker: I’m the unlucky fireman who draws the short straw to rescue a cat from a tree.

getting ready to finish her last semester of college Erin still can’t afford to lose marks from her tutor. This is why her new cat, Rosco, being stuck in the tree outside her apartment and refusing to come down is causing her stress. With no other way to get the cat, she calls 911 for the fire department. Surprised when a handsome voice talks to her over the phone.

As captain of his local fire station, he likes to keep things as fair as possible – including drawing straws for jobs that they do not want to complete. Rescuing a cat from a tree is definitely one of those jobs. Walker drew the short straw and needed to head over to Erin’s apartment to help. One feisty car and some scratch marks later the car is safe but Walker’s heart is anything but safe as he falls instantly for Erin.

Attempting to navigate their fledging romance around his shifts Walker and Erin appear to have a wild future ahead of them. That is until a surprise trip to the station to see him has her hearing about the drawing straws incident. Can Walker make things right before he loses her forever?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Chase: A Firefighter Curvy Woman Romance (Stryker County Fire Dept. Book 2)

Published 19th December 2019

Leah: It’s not every day a sexy firefighter catches you when you fall.
Chase: The first time I see her, she can’t reach the top grocery shelf. The second time I see her, I’m rescuing her from a burning building.

Heading out on the grocery run, Chase would have preferred to have stayed back at the station. Instead, he is having to put up with the spectacle of his brother and fellow firefighters milking all the attention. Deciding to bypass the women etc he heads inside to find what he needs. Spotting a curvy beauty down one of the aisles he hangs back as he doesn’t want to get involved with anyone at the moment.

Reaching for the last item on the shelf has Leah standing on the bottom shelf in her wedges. Losing her balance she prepares to land on the floor, instead, she finds herself wrapped up in a firefighter’s arms. Briefly lost in the moment she is drawn to him but he is called away before she gets to know his name. A few days later she’s attempting to get rid of her sleazy boss when a fire starts in her office and she is rescued once again by Chase.

Offering her a place to stay so she can be discharged from the hospital felt so natural for Chase and has the two of them connecting. Although he has been cheated on in the past and is surprised to find her reading messages from another man in the night. Not letting her explain he leaves but what happens when he learns the truth? How can Leah get him back to her apartment?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Nate: A Firefighter Curvy Woman Romance (Stryker County Fire Dept. Book 3)

Published 3rd January 2020

Ember: I burned a pizza—on purpose—so the fire department would show up.
Nate: That kiss in her kitchen started a completely different kind of fire in me, and I can’t get her out of my head. Too bad my reputation proceeds me.

Arriving at a call regarding a burnt pizza, Nate is somewhat pleased for his brother when he reconnects with the love of his life. For Nates, he is too busy being drawn to the red-headed beauty who is standing in the kitchen, attempting to explain how they burnt a pizza and needed the Stryker County Fire Dept. Unable to help himself he captures a kiss from Ember, begging her for a dinner date before heading back to the station.

It was worth losing her favourite frozen dinner in order to help Leah get her man back. It also enabled her to meet Nate and share an amazing kiss, nervous about their pending dinner date. Nate manages to put her at ease until a mysterious woman appears at the table and she is left questioning whether ish just a playboy. Realising that she is the one going home with him she makes the most of their time together.

Feeling on cloud nine after a night together, Ember is saddened to read that Nate has a reputation. Looking at his social media accounts she can see just how many women have tagged him in photos. Choosing to leave without letting him know she heads home to lick her wounds. Nate, however, can’t believe that his past is getting in the way of his possible future. How can he make things right?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Dameon: A Firefighter Curvy Woman Romance (Stryker County Fire Dept. Book 4)

Published 17th January 2020

Lexi: I’m home from college to surprise my brother at his fire station.
Dameon: She’s the captain’s little sister—off limits.

After graduating college early Lexi headed home to surprise her older brother, Walker. Making her way to the Stryker County Fire Dept. where he is the captain she finds that nobody is around. As she wanders through the station she indulges in a flight of fancy by spinning around the fire pole. Feeling dizzy she lets go and is luckily saved by a pair of strong arms belonging to the most handsome man she has ever seen.

Dameon has a bit of a playboy reputation at the fire station and whilst he might give it the big talk about the dates he has planned etc. the reality is somewhat different. Finding himself cancelling dates as he just isn’t feeling it. Seeing a beautiful woman swinging around the fire pole awakens something in him – but this is soon put on the back burner when he realises that she is the captain’s little sister – and he’d never allow anything to happen between them.

Thrilled to have her home, Walker throws Lexi a BBQ inviting his colleagues over to the house. Lexi is keen to see Dameon again and feels like she needs to take the edge off but is forced to stop when she hears someone in the hallway. Unable to keep away from each other they begin to sneak around but when Dameon tells Walker about them will this mark the end of their budding relationship?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Jack: A Firefighter Curvy Woman Romance (Stryker County Fire Dept. Book 5)

Published 26th January 2020

Rena: My brother was supposed to come to talk to my third-grade class about fire safety. But at the last minute, he cancels and sends a replacement.
Jack: I owed my buddy a favour. What I didn’t expect was to fall hard for the teacher.

Having someone come into talk to her class about the job that they do is always exciting for the third-graders she teaches. Even more so when it is due to be a firefighter coming in, however, Rena is having a heated text exchange with her brother who is due to arrive in an hour but now says he won’t be able to make it. Although he has arranged for someone else to pop river and talk to her class and show off the fire engine.

Stepping in at the last minute to help one of his fellow firefighters, Jack is used to having to chat with children about life as a firefighter. Although not prepared to find Rema so sexy that he can barely keep his eyes off her to complete his presentation. Showing the children around the fire engine, he is somewhat disappointed that he couldn’t convince Rena to climb aboard.

Despite feeling very attracted to Jack, Rena has a self-imposed rule about dating firefighters – especially ones who work alongside her brother. Unable to think about how hard it would be for him if she was to date and break up with a co-worker. Jack isn’t ready to give up just yet and finds ways to see Rena again, but with a fellow teacher showing a little too much interest in Rena will Jack be able to show her how good they could be?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Braxton: A Firefighter Curvy Woman Romance (Stryker County Fire Dept. Book 6)

Published 12th February 2020

Braxton: I’m only doing this fundraiser as a favour to my sister.
Alyssa: Braxton is up on the stage, being auctioned off like the sexy piece of firefighter meat that he is. And it’s all my fault.

After letting his sister down at the last minute Braxton has agreed to take part in a fundraiser for the school to make up for everything. Agreeing to head off on a date with the highest bidder he is mentally preparing himself for whatever is about to happen and who he’ll be forced to spend a few hours with. The bidding going well he looks out to the table with his fellow firefighters sitting, wondering how to get out of this situation.

Knowing that Braxton is sitting up there being bid on like a piece of meat makes Alyssa feel guilty. So much so that she manages to bid $1k for him and win the date with him – although she’s not sure how she’s going to get the funds to pay. Whisked away straight after the auction on to the date she doesn’t have a chance to say anything to her best friend Rena.

Surprised but pleased that it was Alyssa who won the auction, Braxton is unsure about what happens next. Whilst this is set up as a romantic date on a boat and everything, he and Alyssa are just friends – right? As his sister’s best friend they know a lot about each other but do they know how the other feels?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Felix: A Firefighter Curvy Woman Romance (Stryker County Fire Dept. Book 7)

Published 27th February 2020

Felix: I’m entranced by her beauty, her grace, her voice. I know in that moment I would give all the tacos in the world to make her mine.
Bailey: My brother was a firefighter, killed on duty. I swore I would never fall in love with anyone who put their life at risk every day.

Felix doesn’t like to go out, so how he found himself at the local school’s findraiser is beyond gum. Oh wait, he was lured here by the promise of tacos which alongside being a firefighter and science nerd is the basis of his life. Although when he hears the most beautiful woman he has ever seen sing at the event he is speechless and would happily give up tacos for her.

When her friend asked her to perform at the charity event, Bailey was a little hesitant but as soon as she was up there on the stage she managed to enkoy herself. Even managing to spot a handsome stranger in the crowd., who Rena offers to introduce her to after the event. Dashing away for tacos together she finds herself having a really great time with Felix.

Being a homebody and a nerd, Felix has never really given much thought to love until her meet Bailey. Things going well between them until she finds out that he is an active firefighter and she pulls away. Forced to ask his buddy’s wife Rena about what is going on and is devasted to learn that Bailey’s brother was killed duringa calloit and she doesn’t feel she can love another firefighter. Will Felix be able to change her mind?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

If you love the Stryker County world and first responders, be sure to check out the Stryker County EMS Collection and the Stryker County PD Collection!

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