Manhattan Billionaires Series (Reading order – 4 Books) by Lilian Monroe

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Manhattan Billionaires Series (Reading order – 4 Books) by Lilian Monroe

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Are you ready to spend some time with the Manhattan Billionaires? These alpha males are used to getting almost everything their own way and know exactly how they want things done. What happens when some unexpected women come into their lives?

Manhattan Billionaires Series by Lilian Monroe

Big, Bossy Mistake (Manhattan Billionaires Book 1)

An Accidental Baby Romance

Rating: 5 out of 5.

He’s big. He’s bossy. He’s my baby daddy.

For four years Dani has been running from her past, spending the past year in New York she has managed to make a friend in Bonnie. Celebrating her birthday on her own as Bonnie is away she gets a message about a special surprise and to make the most of it. With a knock on the door revealing a small team of people who prepare her for a night at the Summer Ball, despite protesting that they have the wrong person she is swept along with everything.

It’s been two years since his wife was killed by a drunk driver, almost taking his two children too. Inviting a prospective business partner to the Summer Ball, Emil needs to attend but would rather be with his children. Finding out there has been a mix-up with his ‘date’ for the evening he makes the best out of the situation – and quite frankly can’t take his eyes off Dani. Feeling a sense of possessiveness towards her when his friends look in her direction.

Stealing her away for some fumbling fun in a dark room, it has been a long time since a woman made him feel like this. But as he goes to meet with his guest she runs out in a panic. Feeling as though she might have had a glimpse at her past coming to haunt her, Dani wants to run, but she is due to start as a live-in nanny. Taking to the children they have a fun morning until Emil comes back at lunch – yes, her new boss is the man from the ball. Firing her on the spot he comes to regret the decision as his kids (and himself) want her back.

Returning she falls into an easy routine but their sexual chemistry is off the charts, eventually boiling over. But as a business deal takes over Emil has a lot on his plate and Dani suddenly has more than her past to worry about.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback and Kindle Edition.

Big, Bossy Trouble (Manhattan Billionaires Book 2)

An Accidental Baby Romance

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Billionaire. CEO. Single dad.
And for the next seven days, this arrogant hunk is going to be my boss.

At sixteen Layla’s mom decided that she no longer wished to be a parent and upped to move away with her new husband. Leaving Layla to look after her younger sister Emma with help of her grandparents. Always putting others before herself has led her to make sacrifices in her life including her college dreams and working three jobs to support everyone. One of which lead her to be a stand-in nanny for Leif Sorensen.

Juggling his property empire alongside being a single dad, Leif relies on his team of staff. With his daughter’s nanny needing time off he reaches out to get Layla in place for a week after Isla asked for her, having previously met whilst she was a nanny for another family. Seeing her fall in the snow whilst he is out overseeing a project in the area, he manages to save her from falling twice more – with his body lighting up from the sparks between them.

Ignoring the sparks between them, Layla ends up organising a last-minute birthday party for Isla – blowing away Leif and his extended family. But as lines are blurred between them Leif’s caveman side comes out as he gets jealous of other men, wants to save her from her apartment and buys her a new cost. But when Layal finds out about an overlapping interest in their lives she flees.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition

Big, Bossy Problem (Manhattan Billionaires Book 3)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Being a dog walker isn’t as glamorous as you might imagine.
Unless, of course, you’re walking a tech billionaire’s German shepherd mix.

For the past eight years, Penny has been living a very different life from the one she anticipated. A traumatic stalking experience had her quitting college, leaving her friends and everything behind to move to the city. Completing her degree at a community college in the city, earning money dog walking. Something that led to her creating her own range of dog clothes and accessories. Allowing her to drop all but one of her dog walking clients, apart from Bear, the tech billionaire’s German Shepherd that she loves too much,

For the past year, Marcus has been tuning into his dog nanny cam twice a day to watch Penny and his dog interact. She has a certain way with him and is always dressing him up in her bow ties. Receiving a text from her out of the blue to say that there is an issue has him hightailing it back to the house. Finding his niece opening up to Penny about her mom and the issues over the years has him appreciate Penny for taking the time to comfort his niece whilst they were waiting for him to get home.

An incident at home has Marcis offering Penny additional hours to ‘babysit’ his teenage niece, Moving her dog clothing business into his spare room so that she can complete her sewing during the day. But as they spend time together they grow closer but some issues from the past have he doubting his intensions and worries he is taking over aspects of her life rather than talking them through with her.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition

Big, Bossy Surprise (Manhattan Billionaires Book 4)

Bonnie is excited to start her new job, until she meets the man who’s going to be her boss…

Available to pre-order from Amazon in Kindle Edition – due to be released on 4th April 2023

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