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Witches and Fairies by Eva Montanari

Witches and Fairies

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In a world surrounded by so many people, it can be difficult to understand where you fit. Who says you have to be a witch or a fairy? Why do you have to be one or the other? Take a journey with Clotilda who knocks down these stereotypes to show how you can be different and yet still fit into the world around you.

Witches and Fairies

Witches and Fairies

Written and illustrated by Eva Montanari
Published by Meadowside Children’s Books

Witches and fairies are different and, needless to say, they play different games. Witches play witches’ games, like turning princes into frogs. And fairies play fairy games, like turning frogs back into princes.

And then there’s Clotilda…

Breathtakingly illustrated and magically told – maybe, at night’s end, we’re all just a little bit fairy, just a little bit witch! Recommend it to all those who are a little bit witch and a little be a fairy – after all, aren’t we all.

Witches and Fairies - Illustrations

Where can I buy the Witches and Fairies book?

The Witches and Fairies book from Eva Montanari is available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Hardback Edition.

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