The Billionaire Scrooge Next Door by Olivia Hayle

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The Billionaire Scrooge Next Door by Olivia Hayle

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The Billionaire Scrooge Next Door is a steamy, heartwarming, low-angst Christmas novella about a cynical billionaire and the woman who’s determined he learn to enjoy the holidays. Read with hot cocoa on standby!

Adam Dunbar was once the boy who never gave me a second glance. Now he’s the hot billionaire next door who can’t look away.

The Billionaire Scrooge Next Door by Olivia Hayle

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Holly is headed back to her hometown of Fairhill from Chicago for Christmas. Feeling in need of some festive spirit as she feels downcast about her life. Living in an overpriced apartment, credit card debts and a job that is now what she hoped she’d be doing. Coming home doesn’t lift her spirits too much as she finds that things have changed in Fairhill. the Christmas Fair has changed locations, an old store has closed down and she is unable to get a real tree as her brother’s fiance has a pine tree allergy.

Adam isn’t 100% sure what possessed him to buy his childhood home and return to Fairhill years after his family were scandalised by his father’s embezzlement. Seeing Holly again was an unexpected treat and she is no longer little, although very much still the younger sister of his old friend Evan. She is a dose of Christmas spirit he needs in his workaholic fuelled life but he has many reasons to hate Christmas. Spending time with Holly is slowly thawing his heart.

What started as her getting him to put up Christmas lights to satisfy the neighbourhood book club her mom runs, becomes a trip to the Christmas Fair. Submerging himself into the festivities of hot cocoa and games, until he was faced by one of the contractors his father swindled. A snowstorm, power outage and a game of ‘Never have I ever’ has them drawing closer and sharing more than body heat. Family commitments keep Holly busy whilst she avoids Adma over concerns about an ex-girlfriend. Can they be open enough to share how they feel?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

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