Fallen Peak Military Heroes: Reading Order (3 Books) by Shaw Hart

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Fallen Peak Military Heroes: Reading Order (3 Books) by Shaw Hart

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Did you love the mountain men of Fallen Peak? Haven’t read the series yet? but you love big, sweet, alpha men falling for strong curvy women? Either way, you’ll love this series of Fallen Peak Military Heroes!

Fallen Peak Military Heroes: Reading Order

A Very Mountain Man Romancing: Fallen Peak Military Heroes Book 1 by Shaw Hart

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Published 20th January 2023

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition
Pages: 84

** This book was previously published as Accidental Hero but has been updated **

A Very Mountain Man Romancing (Fallen Peak- Military Heroes Book 1)

The worst day of my life is the one that people can’t stop asking me about.

When my car breaks down one night, I’m sure that I’m about to be murdered.
Isn’t that how most horror stories start?
Instead, I’m saved by a grumpy giant.
Jonah isn’t much of a talker but that’s okay because I am. He lets me chatter at him as he takes me home and when he returns with my car that he fixed the next morning, he instantly becomes my hero.
Now I just need to convince him that the curvy girl he rescued is also his perfect match.

They keep calling me a hero.
I feel like a fraud.
I don’t deserve the congratulations or the accolades. I was just in the right place at the right time.
I thought that things would be better once I got out of the military, but when I land in Fallen Peak, it feels like I’m living under a microscope.
Now I can’t leave the house without being stopped and thanked for my service.
I hate it.
Until one night I run into Mabel.
She makes me feel like the hero that everyone keeps saying I am, but can I juggle a relationship while also navigating reintegrating to civilian life?
Do I even deserve to get a happily ever after?

A Very Mountain Man Claiming: Fallen Peak Military Heroes Book 2 by Shaw Hart

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 17th February 2023

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition
Pages: 79

A Very Mountain Man Claiming (Fallen Peak: Military Heroes Book 2)

He says that we’re meant to be. I say that he’s crazy.

Hunter West is trying to drive me crazy.
He’s too cocky, too big, and entirely too pushy.
I should tell him to leave me alone but I love sparring with him.
I love the way that his eyes light up when I tell him no.
I think that I might love him.

Grier has been mine since she set foot into my small town.
She just doesn’t know it yet.
Or maybe she doesn’t want to admit it, even to herself.
When I learn that she’s about to sign up for some online dating site, I know that I need to make my move.
It’s time for this wild mountain man to claim his girl.
I just hope that she doesn’t break my nose or my heart in the process.

Totally Booked UK review: After leaving the military Hunter opted for the quiet mountain town of Fallen Peak. From the moment he saw local hairdresser Grier he knew that she was the one for him, realising that she wasn’t ready to accept his love he has followed her, watched her and attended a long-standing daily appointment at Snips. For five months he has waited and he is ready to show her what their life could be like together

Growing up with a mom who leapt from one failed relationship to another, Grier has opted to be more reserved, and conservative with her own love life. Not entirely convinced that there is such a thing as forever love. Which is why she has been guarding herself against Hunter’s advances. She can sense when he is close by and watching her especially as the clock approaches his daily hair trim. Most of the time they simply chat whilst she styles his hair rather than actually cutting it.

Grocer’s work colleagues push her to agree to a date with Hunter who has been patient with her. Finally taking the leap of faith she is pleased to find that he takes her to her favourite places etc. Spending the night at his cabin she thinks she’ll be late to work, needing to turn to her apartment for clothes etc. But Hunter has everything to hand, preparing for weeks to get her to his cabin – hoping that she’ll stay forever. Whilst everything appears to be going well a call from her mom has Grier suddenly questioning their relationship and has a wobble but can Hunter make her realise that he is not going anywhere?

A Very Mountain Man Wooing: Fallen Peak Military Heroes Book 3 by Shaw Hart

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 17th March 2023

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition
Pages: 79

A Very Mountain Man Wooing (Fallen Peak- Military Heroes Book 3)

I’ll be anything that she wants as long as she’s mine.

I came to Fallen Peak to hide.
I’m running from my parents and the man that they’re forcing me to marry.
I know that I need to lay low and keep to myself, but it’s getting harder and harder to remember that.
Every time I see Whit, I want to throw myself at him and beg him to never let me go.
But I can’t do that to him.
I can’t put him in danger.
I just need to remember that.

The first time that I saw Anise in town, I knew that she was meant to be mine.
She’s smart, gorgeous, and funny.
She also seems totally uninterested in me.
Until one night, she isn’t.
She thinks that it’s just a one-night stand.
I aim to show her that we’re forever.
My curvy girl is about to realize that she just met her match

Totally Booked UK review: Every day Anise is looking over her shoulder after escaping the cult in which she was brought up in and her family is part. Realising at a young age what her future looked like she was able to persuade them to let her learn a trade – cosmetology. After graduating at nineteen her parents expressed it was time to marry the cult leader. Managing to escape she has distanced herself and has set up a life in Fallen Peak working at Snips which is how she met Whit.

Since moving to Fallen Peak after leaving the military, Whit has only had eyes for Anise. Sensing that she is not ready for a relationship he has held himself back and kept a watch over her. Visiting Snips each week for a trim to be close to her and attempt to learn more about her as she does his hair. Following her one night after work he is surprised when she heads to the local bar. Following her inside she has foreseen his actions and has a booth ready for them to sit in.

Needing to forget the day Anise is ready to drink her cares away, with Whit there ready to step in to take care of her when she has one too many. Deciding to embrace the freedom she has at the moment she grows closer to Whit. Calls from her mom set her on edge and wondering if time has run out. Whit promises he will do all he can to keep her safe. But when her past returns will he be able to save the day before it is too late?

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