The Mafia Wives Series (4 Books) by Ivy Davis

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The Mafia Wives Series (4 Books) by Ivy Davis

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Are you ready to take a look at the mafia wives behind the alpha mafia bosses? Join Ivy Davis as she shares stories of bad boys who turned good for the women in their lives but remain just a little bit bad.

The Mafia Wives Series by Ivy Davis

Ruthless Vows (The Mafia Wives Book 1) by Ivy Davis

Rating: 4 out of 5.

He despised me but claimed me anyway.

Settled into the library at her family home, Eva is happiest when she is sat reading her books. The oldest of four sisters she has led a sheltered life as a mafia daughter. Her father coming to speak with her and her sisters is unusual as he doesn’t tell them anything about his business matters. Finding out that he is in debt comes as a shock to the girls but his solution to the problem is a bigger shock… Eva will be sold off at a marriage auction.

Twelve years ago Gabriel’s younger brother was killed, shot by an enemy mafia boss – Conti. His family has been seeking revenge ever since, with his mother pointing him in the direction of the upcoming marriage auction. Finding out that Conti has put Eva into the auction is his opportunity to gain revenge, Attending the auction he is surprised by her beauty and treats her to one night of the nice side of his personality before acting out his plans.

Thrown to the wolves Eva’s life has been turned upside down. Just when she thought that her marriage might be OK and she’d learn to love with Gabriel etc. the thoughts are ripped from under her feet. Attempting to convince Gabriel that she has nothing to do with her father’s sins and that it is better to let go of his revenge – after all would this be what his brother would want?

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Vicious Vows (The Mafia Wives Book 2) by Ivy Davis

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was always second best… until he laid eyes on me.

Having seen what her father put her elder sister through when she turned of age, Greta is waiting to see if she will be subjected to the same fate. The second eldest of four sisters she is constantly compared to her sisters and has found her place in the family as the troublemaker. Not afraid to voice her opinions and throw a tantrum as and when the need takes her. Despite her sister’s husband paying off her father’s debts from gambling, she finds herself forced to attend a marriage auction.

The plan was simple, wear hidden cameras in their suits and attend the marriage auction on their father’s behalf to witness Great Conti be sold. Aiden Murphy, however, swiftly makes a new plan when he gazes into her beautiful turquoise eyes and sees the spirit deep within her. Unable to see her be crushed by one of the other attendants he places a bid and wins her hand in marriage. Except he is Irish mafia and they hate the Italians.

The Murphy clan are not happy about the marriage, to say the least, but turning his back on them Aiden is willing to fight for his new bride. Greta discovers that Aiden isn’t all that bad and things could work out between them. But when his family intervene will they be able to overcome the obstacles?

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Forbidden Vows (The Mafia Wives Book 3) by Ivy Davis

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was promised to another… but he wanted me for himself.

With her blonde hair lighter than her sister’s brown hair, Imelda has always been known as the beautiful daughter to her father. Preferring to hide away in her room sewing dresses than be ogled by men her father brings to the house. Having recently turned 20 years old she knows that her fate is to be placed in the marriage auction like her older sisters to raise funds for her father to gamble away. Although she is introduced to the man who she will marry by her father but must still attend the auction to show off her beauty and the $2 million price tag her husband to be will pay.

As head of the Bratva, Dimitri Belov keeps his private life away from his enemies. His wife Alexandra died a few years ago leaving him to raise their daughter with the help of his mother and nannies. His mother would like to see him remarried and produce more heirs, managing to convince him to attend the marriage auction. He is surprised to find a beauty roaming the hallways, even more so that he is immediately drawn to her and never felt this way about his arranged marriage to his wife. Indulging in a kiss but knowing that he will not buy love he wants it to come freely.

Despite the connection, Imelda felt towards Dimitri she is sold and married to the old brute her father had set up. Managing to keep him at arm’s length for the time being. Dimitri, however, is unable to keep away from her and sets up a business plan with her husband. Needing to be together they embark on a secret affair but what will her husband say?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Depraved Vows (The Mafia Wives Book 4) by Ivy Davis

Rating: 5 out of 5.

He says he wants to tame me… I’d like to see him try.

As the youngest of four sisters, Sienna has always been the spoilt brat. After the death of their mother, she grew up feeling as though her father resented her for it. Instead of fighting him, she opted to shower him with love and affection to become spoilt by him. Now twenty, she knows that her fate is the same marriage auction that her sisters attended but she hopes to make the best of the situation.

Antoni likes things done a certain way and is not afraid to dole out punishments. As the head of the Polish Mafia, his staff fear him, although his housekeeper has a little more leniency. Attending the marriage auction after a friend mentioned it, he isn’t looking for a run of the mill girl, he wants someone he can mould into the perfect mafia wife. Two girls catch his eye but it is the second one who stands up for herself as the bidding takes hold that draws him to Sienna.

The powerplay between the two of them starts from their first meeting. Sienna is unable/unwilling to drop her bratty ways, whilst Antoni wants to spank her into line. The push and pull between them is palpable as they navigate marriage, exploring each other bodies and understanding each other’s weaknesses. Can they ever learn to love each other?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

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