Black Hearts Series (1 Book) by A.N. Stauber

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Join the Murphy Irish Mob in the Black Hearts series by A.N. Stauber. Standby for some strong alpha personalities, especially when it comes to protecting those who steal their hearts.

Black Hearts Series by A.N. Stauber

Her Vengeful King (Black Hearts Book 1)

Her Vengeful King (Black Hearts Book 1)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Can Haley finally trust a man with her heart? And can Cal be the one, even though he is the worst monster of all?

Attending his brother Paddy’s birthday party at their family pub Callum is surprised to hear that he has brought a girl along. Making his way into the bar he spots Griff Paddy’s best friend and war buddy sitting next to a beautiful girl. Introducing himself he can see that she is a little unsure and withdrawn. Griff explains that she is the trauma surgeon that attended to Paddy’s injury.

Moving to Boston four months ago, Haley is still finding her pattern between work and her new home. Meeting Callum was an unexpected surprise, even more so when her body starts to feel things she never expected to. A history of childhood sexual abuse from her stepfather left her pushed out of her family and homeless at sixteen. Naturally, she is wary of advances from men and her mental traumas leave her drowning her sorrows in vodka to forget everything.

Feeling a possessive nature toward Haley he inserts himself in her life when a stalker starts to come out of the woodwork. Leaving her with a bodyguard and camera, Callum attempts to discover the monsters from her past – which he is determined to rectify when he discovers the cause. Slowly opening up to Callum, Haley finds herself relying on him but what happens when he isn’t there to save her?

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