Blame It On The Alcohol Series (3 Books) by Fiona Cole

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Blame It On The Alcohol Series (3 Books) by Fiona Cole

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Three friends whose friendship formed during their years at Wharton University, each with their own personality and issues but when men come on the scene it is time for them to blame it on the alcohol.

Blame It On The Alcohol Series by Fiona Cole

Blame it on the Champagne (Blame It On The Alcohol Book 1)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Verana (Vera) has just graduated college and is hoping that her father will allow her to work for the family shipping business – at least until she is forced to marry. However, her father is having none of it and confesses that he has already made a match for her. The new CFO Camden Conti who is almost twice her age and someone who is looking for a good wife who stays at home produces babies and helps with charity events.

Refusing to accept her role in life she applies for a job at a smaller shipping company using her grandmother’s surname to avoid her father getting her blacklisted. As she leaves the interview she is bumped into the man (Nicholas/Nico) who she spied at the restaurant the other night. They stand and flirt with each other until he realises that she has just been for an interview at his company and thinks that she is just attempting to get her foot in the door with him. Thankfully his assistant persuades him to give her the job, although Nico keeps giving her all the menial tasks to complete.

Whilst attending a masked charity event Vera’s friend convinces her to sign up for a blind date of sorts before she is forced to marry Camden. Without realising it Vera and Nico are paired together and enjoy a hot and steamy fling on the balcony. It all goes wrong when they get back to work and Nico realises that it was Vera at the event. A further misunderstanding happens and she is sure that she’s going to be fired.

A visit from Camden telling her exactly what their marriage will be like and a slap from her father has her realise that she has no choice in her life. Visiting the office late at night after two bottles of champagne she is found by Nico. Informing him that she quits, that she is engaged in an arranged marriage and her true surname. He is stunned by it all and offers to marry her.

Meeting for dinner to explain everything Nico tells her that they will both benefit from the arrangement, however, doesn’t confess the true motive on his side. He wants to bring her father’s company down as revenge for what he did to his grandfather’s company years ago. Can they make this arrangement work between them? Is it possible to learn to lose each other? What happens when Vera learns the truth about Nico’s business plan?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

Blame it on the Tequila (Blame It On The Alcohol Book 2)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It started on a dance floor after too much tequila and ended with looking into the handsome face I never thought I’d see again. In person, at least.

Attending one of her best friend’s weddings Nova is cutting loose from her influencer woes and has some tequila before busting some moves on the dance floor. When her other best friend joins an Instagram live with rock star Parker Callahan, something Nova puts an end to it as soon as she realises what’s happening. It’s been five years since Nova heard from her then stepbrother, although their feelings were far from just a sibling relationship.

While success with his band has been amazing Parker still finds himself thinking about Nova. The mistakes from the past still haunt him, but now that he has found her again he isn’t ready to let her slip through his fingers again. Although a PR stunt adds a bump to their fragile relationship, however, an opportunity to add a songwriter to their tour sees his management unknowingly hire Nova.

Despite the chemistry that has always sparked between the two of them, there are past hurts that they need to overcome in order for them to have any chance at a future. Nova is inclined to run from situations, whilst Parker allows others to tell him what would fit the brand’s PR narrative. Can they get on the same page, at the same time?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

Blame it on the Vodka (Blame It On The Alcohol Book 3)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Waking up beside my best friend after a crazy night in Vegas is nothing new.
However, waking up wearing nothing but two shiny, matching wedding rings is.
For the girl who promised to never settle down, it’s her worst nightmare.
For me, it’s a dream come true.

Austin fell in love with Raelynn at a college frat party. Spotting her from across the room, she headed his way and asked him ‘wanna fuck?’. Using up all his willpower and more to say no as he knew he’d want more than one night with her and she had sworn off relationships. Instead, they headed for waffles and the start of their long-running friendship was formed. This is how he finds himself at her parent’s house for dinner except her douchebag boyfriend will also be there.

Rae is known for her no-nonsense attitude, she helps her parents with their businesses and charities, as well as being a fierce friend to Vera, Nora and Austin. The past year has seen her relationship with Brodie turn into something she never thought it would be – abusive. Finally pushed to breaking point before attending Nova’s wedding she breaks up with him. Heading to the airport to enjoy the weekend with Austin.

Too much vodka and the pair wake to find that they are married. Whilst Rae shrugs it off and talks about an annulment, Austin always said that he’d only get married once and wants to make this work. Harsh words have them heading home separately but family influences force them together to show off their ‘marriage’ but when they finally cross the line in the sand, can they ever go back to just being friends?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

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