Bleeding Hearts Series (2 Books) by Michelle B.

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Bleeding Hearts Series (2 Books) by Michelle B.

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The Bleeding Hearts Series is the second Hearts family series from Michelle B. featuring the Elite Eight (and one hot bodyguard). I’d recommend reading the first series first so you can gain an insight into the different characters included alongside the leads in the books.

Bleeding Hearts Series by Michelle B.

Smoke and Mirrors (Bleeding Hearts Book 1)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

One night is all it took. One night changed all of my plans. One night laid a road map out for the rest of my life. My heart now belongs to him- Antonio Robert Heart.

Strap in for the first book the bleeding hearts series from Michelle B. Throwing you right into the mafia action from the start. Antonio has just opened a new club and the official opening night is going well. With business dealings still needing his attention, he spots a beautiful brunette on the dance floor and is immediately drawn to her. A one and done relationship man, he doesn’t want the liability of having a woman by his side.

Unable to get her out of his head he sees her again and comes to her rescue when another club-goer decides not to take no for an answer. The spark between them is palpable especially when he finds her at another club, explaining that this is just a one night stand she agrees, however, she is the one to leave afterwards and he is less than impressed. As threats start happening to her he keeps a close eye on her and in some ways they become closer albeit in a very fiery relationship.

Lilah is finally gaining her freedom after putting her life on hold for the sake of her older brother. Seeling Antonio out to meet the man who helped secure her freedom, falling for him was not the plan. As they are drawn together they face many highs and lows as well as a mafia dose of danger and threat to their lives. Are they better together? Can Antonio really love anyone outside of his family?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

One Fateful Night (Bleeding Hearts Book 2)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

He was everything my mom neglected to warn me about, and I was everything he hated about his mother.

Giovanni is known as The Fixer for the Heart Syndicate, having worked for the family since he was found fighting as a teenager on the streets by Mr Heart. Coming from an abusive family, he opted to take his younger sister away from it and provide the best he could for her in order to keep her from harm’s way. Taken under the wind of the Heart family he has risen through the ranks and has a close connection with the underboss Antonio.

Working two jobs to provide for her three year old daughter, Isabelle is heartbroken to find herself scraping by for ever cent. Unable to buy a soft toy at the checkout when she bumps into Giovanni at the store. The handsome man who she has a one-night stand with five months ago despite being married. Her marriage, however, is not a happy one and she falls foul of her husband’s fists time and time again.

Recognising the signs of abuse G is ready to offer her help whenever she is ready to accept it. Having wanted to keep things going with her she had turned him down but she is always on his mind. Finding their paths crossing again Isabelle needs to make a decision to stay or go with G, risking everything to help her, dropping his usual calm, controlled manner to keep her safe.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

If you like the sound of this series, please check out the Heart Series the first series from Michelle B. featuring the Heart family and the Elite Eight (and one hot bodyguard).

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