Club Mafia Series (2 Books) by Stella Andrews

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An exclusive club – Club Mafia, five dangerous men and one contract. Join with blood and sacrifice: Death is the only way out. We are one unit – a family: The Demon – The Angel – The Boss – The Beast & The Savage.

Dark, suspenseful, hot and steamy, these books are not for the faint-hearted. If you have triggers, you may want to avoid them because these stories are intense and may shock some readers.

Leave your soul at the door.

Club Mafia Series by Stella Andrews

  • The Boss – my twin who is my happiness dressed as a knight of hell and God help me if this is what comfort feels like.
  • The Demon – The man with a corrupt and twisted mind and dark soulless eyes that hold the secrets of Satan himself.
  • The Angel – A chaotic beauty of saint and sinner combined. Tall, broad, and devastatingly handsome. His hair colour is the only light thing about him and the madness in his eyes would make anyone cower in fright.
  • The Savage – Brutally handsome in a twisted way, rough, capable and a machine with rippling muscles and close-cropped hair. Most women’s dreams and every man’s nightmare. The strong, silent type.
  • Then there’s The Beast – Strong, possessive, dominant. Loving, dark & delicious. Demanding, sweet & protective. The one man I want but can never have.

Club Mafia: The Contract (Club Mafia Prequel)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

They will save me; they will break me.
Not if I get there first.

As a mafia princess Winter has always known the future that lays ahead for her. With less than a year to go until graduation, she is moved from her all-girls college to Rockwell Academy by her father. Hoping that she can make the most of her last months of animal life she attempts to keep her distance from her twin brother Angelo and his friendship circle. Partnering up with her roommate Emma she is happy to keep her head down but finds herself drawn into trouble.

Time is running out for Angelo to save his sister from the fate their father has in store for her. His own future doesn’t look too bright either but along with his friends, who ate also mafia heirs they are making plans to alter what fate has in store for them. Living by the no emotions, no attachments, one night only philosophy he causes a few stirs with girls who want more from him but he refuses to give them. One repeat performance, however, is their history teacher, Miss English.

Forced to move into Angelo’s house with his friends after an altercation, Winter begins to learn the different personalities and the reasons behind their detached approach to love and emotions. The Beast aka Alessandro captures her heart despite her knowing that nothing can ever come of it. She manages to get him to agree to a kiss, her first kiss and it was everything she hoped it would be. Although a photo of the kiss is sent to her brother which doesn’t go down well especially since he warned his friends away from her.

A prequel to the Club Mafia series highlighting personalities, the desire to change their futures and the reasons why they unite together despite being rivals in the outside world. Featuring Baron from the Five Kings Series

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Club Mafia: The Boss (Club Mafia Book 1)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am The Boss
I arranged a marriage of the darkest kind.
A business deal to align myself with a powerful family to start a war.
The contract is clear. Be my wife in public and strangers in private.
And then I met her.

Having secretly assassinated his father Angelo is now the Don. Ready to take charge, clear out those who are not loyal to him and make plans for a bigger cause – especially against Don DeLauren who married his sister and turned her into a shell of her former self. But in order to make alliances, he needs to marry which is how he finds himself waiting to meet his bride at the Rossi residence.

In an act of defiance, Jasmine has dyed her blonde hair lavender which does not go down well width her mother. Informed that the man she must marry is here she refuses to get changed which results in her sister daphne getting hit by their mother. Wishing to protect her she gets dressed ready to face Angelo, however, when her father sees her hair he akes an example of her be getting her own slap across the face. Leads to her father offering Angelo the choice between Jasmine and Daphne.

Surprised by Angelo’s cold manner when he said that he’d take her now and the rushed wedding preparations Jasmine’s head is spinning. Especially when she received her first kiss from Angelo as they are pronounced man and wife. Not wanting a wife other than in name and function attending, Angelo thinks he can simply live a separate life from Jasmine but he finds himself unable to keep away.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

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