Club Mafia Series (Reading Order – 6 Books) by Stella Andrews

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Club Mafia Series (Reading Order – 6 Books) by Stella Andrews

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An exclusive club – Club Mafia, five dangerous men and one contract. Join with blood and sacrifice: Death is the only way out. Dark, suspenseful, hot and steamy, these books are not for the faint-hearted. If you have triggers, you may want to avoid them because these stories are intense and may shock some readers.

Five men set on rescuing one woman.

Malik – The Demon
Angelo – The Boss
Flynn – The Angel
Ivan – The Savage
Alessandro – The Beast

Leave your soul at the door.

Club Mafia Series by Stella Andrews

  • The Boss – my twin who is my happiness dressed as a knight of hell and God help me if this is what comfort feels like.
  • The Demon – The man with a corrupt and twisted mind and dark soulless eyes that hold the secrets of Satan himself.
  • The Angel – A chaotic beauty of saint and sinner combined. Tall, broad, and devastatingly handsome. His hair colour is the only light thing about him and the madness in his eyes would make anyone cower in fright.
  • The Savage – Brutally handsome in a twisted way, rough, capable and a machine with rippling muscles and close-cropped hair. Most women’s dreams and every man’s nightmare. The strong, silent type.
  • Then there’s The Beast – Strong, possessive, dominant. Loving, dark & delicious. Demanding, sweet & protective. The one man I want but can never have.

Club Mafia: The Contract (Club Mafia Prequel)

Published 28th January 2022

Rating: 5 out of 5.

They will save me; they will break me.
Not if I get there first.

As a mafia princess Winter has always known the future that was planned out for her. With less than a year to go until graduation, she is moved from her all-girls college to Rockwell Academy by her father. Hoping that she can make the most of her last months of animal life she attempts to keep her distance from her twin brother Angelo and his friendship circle. Partnering up with her roommate Emma she is happy to keep her head down but finds herself drawn into trouble.

Time is running out for Angelo to save his sister from the fate their father has in store for her. His own future doesn’t look too bright either but along with his friends, who ate also mafia heirs they are making plans to alter what fate has in store for them. Living by the no emotions, no attachments, one night only philosophy he causes a few stirs with girls who want more from him but he refuses to give them. One repeat performance, however, is their history teacher, Miss English.

Forced to move into Angelo’s house with his friends after an altercation, Winter begins to learn the different personalities and the reasons behind their detached approach to love and emotions. The Beast aka Alessandro captures her heart despite her knowing that nothing can ever come of it. She manages to get him to agree to a kiss, her first kiss and it was everything she hoped it would be. Although a photo of the kiss is sent to her brother which doesn’t go down well especially since he warned his friends away from her.

A prequel to the Club Mafia series highlighting personalities, the desire to change their futures and the reasons why they unite together despite being rivals in the outside world. Featuring Baron from the Five Kings Series

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Club Mafia: The Boss (Club Mafia Book 1)

Published 24th April 2022

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am The Boss
I arranged a marriage of the darkest kind.
A business deal to align myself with a powerful family to start a war.
The contract is clear. Be my wife in public and strangers in private.
And then I met her.

Having secretly assassinated his father Angelo is now the Don. Ready to take charge, clear out those who are not loyal to him and make plans for a bigger cause – especially against Don DeLauren who married his sister and turned her into a shell of her former self. But in order to make alliances, he needs to marry which is how he finds himself waiting to meet his bride at the Rossi residence.

In an act of defiance, Jasmine has dyed her blonde hair lavender which does not go down well width her mother. Informed that the man she must marry is here she refuses to get changed which results in her sister daphne getting hit by their mother. Wishing to protect her she gets dressed ready to face Angelo, however, when her father sees her hair he makes an example of her by getting her own slap across the face. Leads to her father offering Angelo the choice between Jasmine and Daphne.

Surprised by Angelo’s cold manner when he said that he’d take her now and the rushed wedding preparations Jasmine’s head is spinning. Especially when she received her first kiss from Angelo as they are pronounced man and wife. Not wanting a wife other than in name and function attending, Angelo thinks he can simply live a separate life from Jasmine but he finds himself unable to keep away.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Club Mafia: The Angel (Club Mafia Book 2)

Published 26th June 2022

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Angel
A dying man gave me the gift of life.
Two names.
One of them belongs to the mother I never knew I had.
When I found her, I wanted answers and something more.

Watching his uncle’s consigliere die in his arms, Flynn is shocked that he offers up two names to him. Even more so when he asks who they are and is told it is related to his mother. After suffering a horrific childhood at the hands of his uncle Wesley, Flynn is determined to find the woman who was absent through it all. With the help of Baron from Club Mafia, he is able to locate one of the Names and forms a plan to ‘unite’ the two families. Making his way to Seattle he finds it is like looking at a female version of himself when he comes face to face with his mom.

Louisa learnt many years ago that most people who come into her life are only there for money or status. Preferring a quiet life she is content to study for her father’s business and read books rather than party her life away. The introduction to Flynn, her stepmother’s long-lost son is a shock but she can see how happy he makes Vivian. More shocking is the feelings she has towards him, which given that they are supposed cousins is wildly inappropriate – but Flynn appears to share those feelings.

Determined to find out the truth about who his father is, Flynn sets forward a plan to visit LA with Louisa. A meeting with Massimo Delauren allows him to see Winter but finds her a shell of her former self-spurring him on to get his uncle the ‘justice’ he deserves whilst keeping Lousia close.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Club Mafia: The Savage (Club Mafia Book 3)

Published 31st July 2022

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Meet the Savage
If you’re not ready for the pain then don’t seek the pleasure because Roses have thorns and thorns draw blood.

Counting down her time at the finishing school in England there is a part of Charlotte that hopes for something exciting and unexpected to happen. Her wish is granted when a helicopter arrives at the school and whilst everyone is looking to see what is happening she gets a message from her mum telling her to run. Making her escape through a hole in the fencing she climbs inside a waiting car but it’s not who she thought it would be.

Known as the savage, Ivan has planned the kidnapping of Lord Richmond’s daughter and is pleased that it has gone to plan. Although he wasn’t ready for her disobedience or beauty. Telling her that her father owes money to the Bratva and that once he has paid up she will be returned. Although that is only part of the plan, the real one involves switching her for Winter and handing her over to her real father Don DeLauren.

Their kidnapped time together is anything but straightforward after poisonings, shootouts, fake IDs and going on the run. Thankfully, Ivan has the Club Mafia behind him, ready to help keep them as safe as possible. Falling in love and marrying for her safety was not in the original plan but there is no way he can let her go and certainly not into her father’s hands.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions

Club Mafia: The Beast (Club Mafia Book 4)

Published 4th September 2022

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Beasts have sharp claws that draw blood. Sometimes that blood is their own.
When the blood spills and drips through the cracks of insanity a weaker man would curl up and die.
If you’re strong you ignore the pain and use it against your enemy.
That man can’t fail. That man is now a Beast.

Alessandro, like his Club Mafia brothers, has had his life planned out for him. His time at Rockwell Academy and subsequently Hollywood director stint has been his only reprieve from the mafia life his grandfather expects from him. Winter, however, was an unexpected stumbling block in his life. Despite being warned to stay away from Angelo’s twin sister, there was a pull between them. This led to just one night together before she was taken to be married to a monster her father had arranged.

The past two years have been a living nightmare for Winter. A living, breathing doll for Massimo Delauren who has mentally tortured her in so many ways, The only saving grace to this nightmare has been the time she has been rewarded with her son Frankie. Heading to a dinner meeting, Winter is aware that Massimo is on edge and is rough with her in the car. Surprised that he has made his doll look anything less than perfect.

The plan to get Winter back was all set but Massimo showing his crazy side was unexpected. Just as Alessandro is about to take a shot, Winter steps forward and injects Massimo taking him down. Hitting her head on the way down she has lost her memory of everyone and everything. But as parts of her life start to come back to her she feels there is something big she is still to recall.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Club Mafia: The Demon (Club Mafia Book 5)

Published 27th November 2022

Rating: 5 out of 5.

They call me The Demon for a reason and Eliza Ortega is about to find out why.
A runaway mafia princess who stumbled from one nightmare to an even bigger one.

As the only daughter of the Ortega mafia, Eliza knew that her life was never going to be sunshine and rainbows. In fact, it has been so far removed from the light that she is used to living in the dark, painful mafia world. Watching her angel mother be killed by her father she has done what she could to survive living at home with her three brothers and cruel stepmother. Finding a way to escape she took it and ended up as the live-in nanny for Don DeLauren, caring for Frankie. That was until she was told it was time to leave and her time with Frankie was over.

Known as the Demon, Malik goes after what he wants and will gain results and answers by any means possible. Tracking Eliza to a house he has her kidnapped and attempts his own brand of torture to find out information about where Frankie is. Although Eliza is not about to give up this information readily no matter what malik puts her through. She’d rather die than see Frankie hurt.

In their own unique way, they grow closer together, Malik expressing the reason behind his need for information about Frankie. Whilst Eliza shares titbits from her childhood and what life was like at the DeLauren mansion. Looking for a way to free himself of his father’s plans and to save Eliza from her father’s clutches he arranges for them to be married but it’s all just a ruse, right? There are no true feelings involved in this plan, right? Help from a surprising source has Baby Frankie back in his parent’s arms but who was behind it all?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

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