Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors

Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors

Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors

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Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors is an empowering guide to living more sustainably with practical advice for fighting climate change.

Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors

Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors

Being an eco-warrior can mean many things: that you care about the environment, love the creatures who share Earth with us, or appreciate nature’s gifts. Maybe you want future generations to enjoy our planet’s beauty and resources. Whatever your interpretation, this guide will help you live a green lifestyle, make environmentally responsible choices, and encourage others to join in too.

Embracing eco-friendly practices means recycling items that can be repurposed, reusing items that would otherwise go to waste and reducing the number of natural resources consumed.

Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors – What’s included?

Short essays offer advice on how to practice and advocate for sustainable living, with simple tips for enacting small changes that can make a big difference.

Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors
  • What does it mean to be an eco-warrior? Get the lowdown on environmental activism
  • What is a carbon footprint? Find out all about yours, and what you can do to reduce it
  • Do you have eco-anxiety? Ways to cope if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of climate change
  • Newsflash: it’s our time – Why it’s important to get involved in politics at all levels
  • Pedal power – Cycling isn’t just eco-friendly, it’s good for you, too
  • Fact or fiction? Separating the eco-myths from the environmental truths
  • The position with fast fashion – How clothing trends could be harming the environment
  • Block party – Discover ways to make a difference in your neighbourhood
  • You’ve got the power! All about renewable energy – one of the hottest topics when it comes to keeping the planet cool
  • To fly or not to fly? Everything you nee dto know about the Swedish anti-flying movement ‘flygskam
  • Tree of life – Nuture your own sapling and sow seeeds for the future
  • Gently does it – You don’t have to be loud to get your point across
  • New generation – Is it time to make your mark on the world?
  • Spinning out of control – The microfibres that are adding to the pollution problem
  • Saying no to a plastic sea – How two inspiring women are working to save the world’s oceans
  • Eat, drink and repair – Repair cafes are combating today’s throwaway society
  • Go retro – Why vintage is experiencing a revival
  • Sweet as can bee – Find out about the planet’s most important pollinators
  • In the palm of your hands – The production of palm oil is having a devastating impact on rainsforest’s. Here’s how to help
  • Going green – All you need to know about plant-based diets
  • Become a nature guardian – Ways to show you care about your natural surroundings
  • Wonder walk – Gve this mindful exercise a go the next time you head outdoors
  • Just add sunshine – Is it time to grow your own? All it takes is patience and a little tender loving care
  • Forgotten ways – Why old-fashioned traditions have a lot to teach us
  • Make it new, make it you – Give your once-loved-but-worn-out things a new lease of life with one of these upcycling projects
  • #Staystrong – Your actions matter and the issues you support are important
  • People power – It’s time to join forces and bring about positibe change
Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors

Where can you buy Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors?

Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors is available to buy from Amazon in Hardback and Kindle Edition.

Our thoughts on the Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors book

The Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors book is a fantastic conversation starter book for adults and children alike. A great resource for families as they come across topics that have been discussed in school, seen on social media or as an educational tool to expand the thought process of our actions on the world around us – and the impact on others too.

With a wide range of topics covered in bite-sized essays, it will be a book that is referred to time and time again. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as the saying goes – but we can help change the world and become eco-warriors one day at a time.

Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors

If you’re looking to take action and spark change, this book gives you the tools to make a difference. Stand up for a green sustainable lifestyle!

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