Laugh Out Loud Book Awards 2018 {6-8 Year Olds}

Lollies 6-8 year olds

Laugh Out Loud Book Awards 2018 {6-8 Year Olds}

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The Laugh Out Loud Book Awards – affectionately known as the Lollies – is a celebration of the very best and funniest books for children, voted for by children themselves!

The award was set up by Scholastic UK in 2016 and is supported by BookTrust and Michael Rosen. They hope – along with the help of schools, teachers and parents – to draw attention to funny books to encourage kids to get reading and to enjoy it too!

Publishers submit their funniest children’s books of the previous year to be nominated for the award and a panel of judges is chosen to help whittle down this long list of Lollies entries.

Laugh Out Loud Book Awards 2018 {6-8 Year Olds}

Laugh Out Loud Book Awards 2018 {6-8 Year Olds}

Barry Loser and The Birthday Billions

It’s my birthday! Woohoo! And I got a SHNOZINATOR 9000! Oh wait a millisecond, my little brother just broke it. Now I’m gonna have to become a billionaire inventor and buy another one.

The Big, Fat, Totally Bonkers Diary Of Pig

I is pig. This is my dairy and I doubts you will believe any of it.

In fact, if you is the kind of farmer what finds it hard to believe unbelievable stuff, you should put it down RIGHT NOW. If I was reading it I would be like, ‘Don’t be silly! Stuff like this would never happen to a pig – it’s totally IMPOSSIBLE’.

But it’s not. Just ask Duck, or Cow, or Ki-KI, or Rusty. They’d all tell you…

It’s all 1000% true and 10,000% BONKERS!

Laugh Out Loud Book Awards 2018 {6-8 Year Olds}

There’s A Werewolf In My Tent!

Izzy and her friends are SO EXCITED about their school trip. They’re going camping and there’ll be marshmallows and no washing and everything. But then WEIRD things start happening! What keeps HOWLING at night? And who stole all the SAUSAGES?

But it’s when they see their new teacher’s hairy legs that they KNOW! There’s a WEREWOLF on the school trip and they’re all DOOMED!

Lyttle Lies: The Pudding Problem

My name is Sam Lyttle and I am NOT a liar. Well, maybe that’s not completely true. To be frank, I sometimes tell the odd porky-pie. And I have been known to occasionally STREEEEETCH the truth.

In fact, if you look very closely, you’ll start to see little signs all around me…


Laugh Out Loud Book Awards 2018 {6-8 Year Olds}

Vote for your Laugh Out Loud Book Awards 2018 {6-8 Year Olds}

So, get involved! Now you’ve seen the shortlist for the 6-8 year olds category it is time to pick a book, get reading and GET VOTING! If you’d like to download some free activity sheets or find out more about the PopJam app or the Lollies 2018 click here:

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