Four Forces Security Series (4 Books) by Alexis Winter

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Four Forces Security Series (4 Books) by Alexis Winter

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The Four Forces Security series features four alpha men bonded together through their experience in the Special Forces and their continued determination to serve and protect others through their security firm. These men have ONE thing on their mind, fulfilling their duties as protectors only love keeps getting in the way. Get ready to fall in love with these strong, stoic men as they navigate danger, fierce women and temptation.

Four Forces Security Series by Alexis Winter

The Protector (Four Forces Security Book 1) by Alexis Winter

I’ve been to hell and back during my time in the Special Forces.
But only one woman has brought me to my knees, and I was just hired to protect her.

Setting up Four Forces Security with three friends after leaving the military, Jimmy is meeting with a big client who needs him to protect his daughter. The thing is, Jimmy knows his daughter Blaire, a one-night stand he had with her three months ago which ended badly – plus she is best friends with his sister. Needing this client he pulls out all the stops to keep her protected – even if getting on her nerves is an added bonus.

Although Blaire doesn’t see the need for protection if her father wants it she’ll agree – but why oh why did he have to hire Jimmy? Attempting to give him the slip but failing she endures a conference in Miami with him following her around. A blip in their fighting leads to a passion-filled connection but once again Jimmy steps back and freezes Blaire out.

With issues happening with her father Blaire doesn’t know what to do to help the situation. Needing to step up in her father’s absence the contract states she needs to be married! Jimmy is the natural contender for the position, although it is clear that this is something he isn’t keen on doing. A past relationship still haunts him and leaves him unable to move on. A temporary truce agreed for the time being until her father is safe – can they discover their true feelings? or will walking away be the best outcome for them?

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The Savior (Four Forces Security Book 2) by Alexis Winter

Luka Storm takes threats very seriously. So when his best friend Jimmy Maxwell’s little sister Harper is being stalked by her dangerous ex, Luka steps up to protect her.

Interior designer Harper Maxwell has had an on-again, off-again relationship with Mason. An incident in the car park of her apartment building has him being arrested after a neighbour saw his assault. Her older brother Jimmy, who runs the Four Forces Security firm wants to add a layer of protection for her in the form of Luka Storm, his best friend and someone Harper calls Mr. No. Fun.

Pulling the best friend card is how Luka finds himself babysitting Harper whilst they attempt to get Mason to realise that things are over for good. At almost 10 years younger than him, Harper annoys the hell out of him, she talks too much, goes out too much and is immature. Attempting to deflect her attempts to flirt with him whilst he counts down his time with her.

Whether Luke wishes to acknowledge it or not there is chemistry between them. This leads to some hot connections which are swept under the carpet the morning after. Despite Harper’s efforts to push Luka to feel something other than an annoyance for her she feels disconnected from him. Discovering a lasting consequence of their interactions forces Harper to grow up and realise that she has some big decisions to make, Luka still refusing to move on from the past and see what is in front of his eyes, Will he be too late to realise his true feelings?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

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