Take a mystical journey with Grumbalina (6 Books)

Grumbalina and the day everything thing changed

Take a mystical journey with Grumbalina (6 Books)

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In a world of fluffy clouds, fairies and magical spells, Grumbalina looks to have the perfect fairytale life. But, she’s starting to learn that magic can’t solve everything…

Float on over to Pufftown in these whimsical new children’s books written by Canadian author, Karina Frederiks.

The Grumbalina Series

In a world of fluffy clouds, fairies and magical spells, Grumbalina looks to have the perfect fairytale life. But, she’s starting to learn that magic can’t solve everything… The brilliant six-book series by children’s author Karina Frederiks follows Grumbalina as she starts her new school, makes friends and learns new spells. But it also shows that life isn’t always easy, sibling struggles and relationship problems can’t be solved by the swish of a wand, and we must consider kindness, fairness and inclusion. 

Take a mystical journey with Grumbalina
Written by Karina Frederiks
Illustrated by Dan Aldo

Karina brings to life everyday struggles in a light-hearted, magical world, showing young children how to navigate through different times, thoughts and even issues like pollution(!). She brings together the fairies of Pufftown, to work together through their muddles, showing that there is always a solution and happiness on the other side – even magic isn’t the answer.

The perfect bedtime story, let Grumbalina lead the adventure and take you and your children on a mystical journey, with lessons of friendship, growing up and a little fantasy too. 

What books are included in the Grumbaline Series

The Grumbalina series includes six unique books, Grumbalina and the day everything thing changed, Grumbalina and the Cardboard Wand, Grumbalina and the Golden Wand, Grumbalina and the Flower Power Spell, Grumbalina and the Great storm, and Grumbalina and the Level Examinations. True fans can also get their hands on a range of great merchandise too, like the Grumbalina soft toy, backpacks, wands, play figure characters, and more. 

Grumbalina and the day everything thing changed

On a cloud not too far away, all the little fairies of Pufftown are getting ready to head back to school. There’s only one word on Grumbalina’s mind: “Mugglefrump”. She doesn’t want to learn any new spells, start any new classes, or try any new things. She just doesn’t want to go at all. Grumbalina is convinced that she’ll never make friends or earn a golden star. But just like magic, everything is about to change for her.

Will this school year be able to turn her fairy frown upside down?

Grumbalina and the Cardboard Wand

The price of procrastination.

School is a little less scary now that Mitchy’s around. But even with a friend by her side, Grumbalina isn’t exactly excited about class today. The two of them “forgot” to practice their spells last night like they were instructed to. She knows that Ms Plume will be testing some students in front of the class, and with her luck, she’ll be the first one up. This isn’t the first time Grumbalina has had to “wing” her spells, but she’s not sure her skills are going to hold up for her again.

Will she get through the day without any magic mishaps?

Grumbalina And The Golden Wand

Testing her luck.

Grumbalina’s older sister, Perfect Polly, is off on a spell trip with the Wizards of Norton today. And you know what that means: NO RULES! Of course, Mitchy is over for the weekend, and he points out that it’s the perfect time to try out some of Perfect Polly’s wands and their powers. If her sister isn’t home to tell them “no”, they can’t get in trouble… right? There’s also no way anyone will even find out if they put everything back where they found it… right?

We’ll have to wait and see! 

Grumbalina And The Flower Power Spell

A lesson to remember.

It’s an important day in Ms Plume’s class of Magic Spells. Today, Grumbalina and her fellow fairies are learning all about the causes and effects of pollution. Pufftown’s waste problem has gotten so bad that recycling and community cleanups just aren’t doing the trick anymore. Her entire class must memorize and master their Nature Spells, and they have to do it FAST. They’ve all heard that the Flower Power spell isn’t for beginners, and they’re about to learn why.

Will Ms Plume’s students be able to save the day along with their cloud?

Grumbalina And The Great Storm

It’s a dark and rainy afternoon in Pufftown – making it a great time to study some spells from the comfort of home. But Mitchy has other plans. He recently heard of another shortcut that he’s SURE will make his magic even stronger. The problem is, he thinks he needs to go into the CENTER OF THE STORM to make it happen. Both Grumbalina and Perfect Polly know how unsafe it is outside, but they would never let him brave the elements alone.

Will temptation take over Mitchy? 

Grumbalina And The Level Examinations

The pressure is on for Grumbalina and her classmates at school today. That’s because it’s LEVEL. EXAMINATIONS. DAY. It’s the one day of the year where fairies can earn new wands and show off their most powerful spells. Grumbalina is ready. The only thing that could ruin a day like this is rain, and that’s exactly what the weather has in store for her. A lot of it.

Performing magic under these conditions is almost impossible – if only there is something Grumbalina could do to change that…

Grumbalina - Welcome to Pufftown

Lessons to learn from the series

At the end of each book, there are reading comprehension questions that parents can ask their children to see what knowledge they retained from reading the book.

Anything can happen when you live on a cloud – but not everything will feel like a fairytale. Grumbalina illustrates to children that there are some challenges magic can’t solve. Sibling struggles, laziness, loneliness, boundaries, and pollution are all topics that the fairies of Pufftown must face together. These stories inspire family-wide conversations around the power of inclusion, kindness, fairness, and gold stars!

Follow the journey of Grumbalina and friends on Instagram at @grumbalinaofficial and www.grumbalina.com 

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