How to Kiss a Hawthorne Brother Series (2 Books) by Jenny Proctor

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How to Kiss a Hawthorne Brother Series (2 Books) by Jenny Proctor

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The How to Kiss a Hawthorne Brother series is a collection of full-length sweet romantic comedies, with all the crackling chemistry you want in a closed-door romance and sizzling kisses only.

How to Kiss a Hawthorne Brother Series by Jenny Proctor

How to Kiss Your Best Friend (How to Kiss a Hawthorne Brother Book 1)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

He’s a hot high school chemistry teacher living in a small town. She’s a globetrotting journalist running from her past. They used to be best friends. Then one kiss changes everything.

Brody first met Kate when they were nine years old as she sat next to him on the school bus. Sparking a lifelong friendship between the, although he has been in love with her for possibly just as long as their friendship. They haven’t spoken in four years after Kate stopped responding to texts, so receiving one out of the blue as he prepares to head off on a hike with one of his brothers has put him into a spin, especially as she is returning home for the summer.

Travel writer Kate was in a hurry to leave Silver Creek behind and hot fitted out of there as soon as she could after high school. She has travelled the world and stayed with her father in Paris, only making the return journey home a few times over the years. A difficult relationship with her mom led to her not coming back for her Grandma’s funeral four years ago but now she needs to sort out the old how. Which also means seeing her best friend Brody and apologising for disappearing from him.

An off the cuff comment from her cousin about Brody and their relationship has kate thinking about him in a different light, especially when she sees how buff he has become in her absence as she surprises him on the hiking trail he is on with his brother. Friendship revived and time spent together only makes Brody hope for more but Kate is a flight risk and when feelings are finally revealed will she stay or go?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss (How to Kiss a Hawthorne Brother Book 2)

He’s a grouchy curmudgeon jaded by too many disappointments. She’s a single mom smiling her way through the toughest of circumstances. When he hires her to be his virtual assistant, their outlooks aren’t the only things that clash.

Available to pre-order from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition – due for release on 4th October 2022.

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