Vegas Underground Series (8 Books) by Renee Rose

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Vegas Underground Series (8 Books) by Renee Rose

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Welcome to Renee Rose’s Vegas Underground series. Standby for steamy stand-alone romances, but always better when you read the series (and you’ll be itching to know what happens with the other family members). No cheating, no cliffhangers.

Vegas Underground Series by Renee Rose

King of Diamonds (Vegas Underground Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sondra fled her cheating boyfriend and landed in Las Vegas to stay with he cousin. Landing a job in a casino as a housekeeper, something very different from her art history teaching qualifications. Fascinated by the mafia family who runs the casino she manages to help clean their suites with her boss after several people call in sick. However, her boss is called away and leaves Sondra to finish up.

Nico hasn’t been sleeping, the pressures of getting his casino up and running alongside family input all weighing on his mind. Returning to his suite he finds Sondra there and believes that she is a spay/mole for the FEDs/ Ordering her to strip to prove she isn’t wearing a wire she wets herself with fear which forces him to put her in the shower. Hearing her sob in the shower suddenly makes him regret their interaction. Attempting to calm her down he holds her – feeling like he’d never like to let her go again.

Despite warning her not to come back if she didn’t want to be punished she arrives the next day to clean and a dominating relationship forms. Finally allowing Nico to rest and making him less of a grump to those around him. But he has been betrothed to Jenna as part of a dal their families made when they were younger and Jenna is just finishing college so it’s time for them to marry. Where does this leave Sondra? What will his family have to say about it all?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

Mafia Daddy (Vegas Underground Book 2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Not wishing to marry the ma her father had arranged for her to marry Jenna goes to hiding. Given that her ‘husband to be’ is now married to someone else it is time for her to be brought home. With her father asking his loyal right-hand man Alex to find her and bring her home.

Tracking her down Alex attempts to convince Jenna to come home but she refuses. Opting to stay by her side for a few days to help persuade her, their attraction to each other surfaces. With him taking control, issuing spanking punishments and requesting she calls him Daddy. but how can this relationship work when they are forced to return to reality?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition

Jack Of Spades (Vegas Underground Book 3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Working in the Bellissimo Casino in Las Vegas, Corey categorises the gamblers at her table into here types of gamblers. However, one client attempts to throw her off her game and informs security of his actions. Later finding herself face to face with the gambler aka Stefano Tacone, the brother of the owner Nico (who is dating her cousin Sondra). Not happy that she has been played she is reluctant to accept the move to a provide game but knows she has no say in the matter.

Returning to the US after six months in Sicily, Stefano is thrown into the deep end overseeing things at the casino whilst his brother is off attempting to win his girlfriend back. Drawn to the fiery redhead on the casino floor he is pleased by her work ethic and the way she engages with the clients. Getting her to run a private game should be straightforward, however, an incident leaves a man dead and Corey as a witness. Unsure what to do with her (especially as she has an estranged FBI father) he kidnaps her and takes her to his suite.

The dynamic between them is palpable, each hurt in their own way and holding back from living life to its fullest. Yet they crave each other and fall into a powerful relationship despite the situation that brought them together in the first place. But when Corey’s dad makes an appearance, she tries to keep him away from Stefano and his family – but is this the right thing to do?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition

Ace Of Hearts (Vegas Underground Book 4)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

For the past seven years, Pepper has been making music after her first album went platinum. Since then, her manager Hugh and her parents have had her on a punishing schedule of tours, shows and recording new material. The failure of her last album has led her to Vegas for a gruelling schedule of intimate shows to repay the $900k debt owed to the Tacone mob family – something her manager got her into, and she must work her way out of it. Losing her voice after her shows and a bad cold a few weeks ago she is forced to lip-sync to get through the first show.

An abusive childhood led Tony to become an enforcer for the mob. Moving out to Vegas with his best friend Nico to help run his casino alongside him. With his current role to ensure that Pepper’s shows are filled, she repays the debt. However, seeing her for the first time he sees something in her eyes that makes him feel protective of her. Although finding out her douchebag manager Hugh filed to say anything about her vocal issues has him on the warpath. Punishing her for speaking when she should be resting and taking her to see a top LA-based doctor.

Falling into a relationship of sorts whilst she rests her voice, he shows her all Vegas has to offer. From shows, gigs and restaurants they enjoy each other’s company in and outside of the bedroom. However, as Pepper starts to fight back against her manager and decisions that ha been made for her, she finds herself in harm’s way. But will Tony be able to save her, and will she want his help?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition

Joker’s Wild (Vegas Underground Book 5)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As the eldest son, the families mafia responsibilities were always going to fall on Junior’s shoulders – whether he liked it or not. With his father in federal prison, he heads up all the business in Chicago whilst two of his younger brothers live it up in Las Vegas running the family casino. Meeting the Russians at a cafe to talk about a partnership goes sideways and his brother Gio gets shot and he demands the assistance of Desiree – the nurse who helped his ma after her recent surgery.

Heading home after a 12-hour shift at the hospital Desiree doesn’t take note of the black SUV until it is too late. Kidnapped and taken she has no idea what is going on. Arriving at a house she is not familiar with she is surprised to see Junior when she gets out of the car. Rewarding him with a slap across the face for taking her, however, she springs into action when she sees Gio. Doing all she can to help save him and treat his gunshot wound.

The chemistry they feel towards each other during her stay helping his ma is still very much there. With Junior punishing her for her cheek, attempts to leave etc. Leading to their explosive connection, although Desiree is hiding her past from him which when he finds out he does all he can to help her. They fall into an easy relationship over the course of Gio’s recovery but it’s just temporary no matter how much Junior would like to change things he has obligations to his family and a role to play.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition

His Queen of Clubs (Vegas Underground Book 6)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Attending an impromptu double wedding in Vegas for two of her brothers, Alessa is reminded about a life she may never experience. Living a protected life as a mafia princess and diabetes she is hiding her stage 3 kidney failure from her family. Stepping out to the restroom she vaguely remembers being carried and tattoos until she tries to wake up but her blood sugars must be running low as she is keeping to keep her eyes open.

Seeking revenge from the Tacone family after killing six of his Bratva cell, Vlad sets up a plan to kidnap the younger sister to the mafia brothers. Although Vlad was not anticipating her diabetes and scrambles to ensure she is OK. Taking care of her alongside Mika, the 12-year-old orphan left behind from the cafe attack. Supposedly a business transaction to get money from the Tacone family he decides to make her his bride when he is summoned back to Russia.

Fighting their attraction to each other, however, find themselves drawn into a relationship. Alessa working with Mika to aid his studies whilst Vlad does his best to give her access to the babies she’ll never have (visiting a local orphanage). Summoned to the Papa (Russian Boss) in Moscow Vlad is reeling from his ex’s words about a baby, his baby that she placed in an orphanage. Whilst Alessa feels pigeoned holed by the women who have hurt Vlad in the past. Walking away from him, she is surprised that he doesn’t chase after her.

Available to buy from Amazon in Audiobook and Kindle Edition

Dead Man’s Hand (Vegas Underground Book 7)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Featured within the Falling For The Forbidden Anthology

After being left in the care of her grandparents at ten years old when her mom up and left, Marissa feels a debt of gratitude towards them. Working full time in a restaurant as well as doing shifts in the family Cafe Milano – where she was witness to the shooting of Gio Tacone six months ago. Whilst the Tacone family made good for the repairs and extra cash to pay for much-needed improvements. Marissa still suffers from nightmares and is wary about being in the cafe late in the day.

Six months ago Gio’s life changed when he was shot during what should have been a meet up with the Russian cell to talk business. Now he is left with the residue of pain from the wound and nightmares related to the shooting including those of Marissa getting shot. Heading back to Cafe Milano for some sense of closure he sees Marissa and is taken back by her beauty and warmth. Surprised to find her getting in touch about a loan a few days later for $30k especially when she attempts to lie to him about the reason for the money.

Agreeing to work off her debt to Gio by cooking food for him at his apartment once a week has them succumbing to their palpable chemistry. But as Marissa’s family have a history with the Tacone family it can only ever be something behind closed doors. But Gio hopes that by inserting himself into the various places in her life that this could be more than just an arrangement.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition

Wild Card (Vegas Underground Book 8)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When Caitlin’s father was killed by the Tacone family she used her skills as a hacker to syphon off a small percentage of all transactions from their family casino Bellisimo in Vegas. Accruing over the last few years has enabled her to put both her brother and herself through college. She always knew she was on borrowed time so finding one of the Tacone brothers in her studio apartment isn’t fully a surprise. Although him threatening her brother unless she pays the $180k back plus interest, making it a cool $200k in the next 48 hours did come as a shock.

The last Tacone brother unattached, Paolo is not surprised to be tasked with visiting the casino hacker and getting the money back. Although the moment he saw a photo of Caitlin he was drawn to her. Kidnapping her back to his apartment he pressures her into finding the money she stole. Although keeping things strictly professional (as such) between them proves difficult and he finds himself enjoying her company. Pleased to see when she sets things up to repay his family, which is short-lived when he realises she is likely to be picked up by the feds for the new hacking.

After repaying her debt she heads back to her normal life as much as she can. With Paolo unable to step away from her, finding ways to keep her in his life. Coming to her rescue and continuing their dominant relationship, However, when Caitlin makes a surprising discovery she flees and hides from the world. But the discoveries keep on happening – will Paolo be able to find her and rectify things?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition

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