The Made Series by Brooke Summers: 9 Books Reading Order

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The Made Series by Brooke Summers: 9 Books Reading Order

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Made is a Mafia Romance Series that will take you on a thrilling ride and mess with your emotions. Welcome to the Gallagher Crime Family! Where family is everything and it’s not just the men that are part of the criminal underworld.

Made: Mafia Romance Series Reading Order by Brooke Summers

Bloody Union (Made: Mafia Romance Series Book 1)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance

Published 21st January 2021
Dual POV

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Editions
Pages: 350

Bloody Union: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance (Made: Mafia Romance Series Book 1)

Marriages are meant to be sacred but when an arranged marriage turns bloody a war is started.
One Arranged Marriage.
One Deadly Secret.
One unstoppable force rising from the ashes of their Bloody Union to dominate the criminal underworld. Together.

For the past four years Makenna Gallagher has known who she would marry when she became of age. A deal made with the devil Matteo Bianchi, tying her to this oldest son Dante. Whilst she has gone along with the union and endured her mom’s wedding planning etc. there are some big things about her life that Dante does not know about. Their wedding day becomes a bloody union as gunshots ring out at the altar. But Kenna has had extensive training from her time with her uncle and Granda and handles it all in her stride.

Spotting a beautiful blonde in a bar just days before his wedding, Dante is surprised to find out later that it was his bride and seeks revenge on the Russians that had been harassing her. The wedding takes a turn when his younger brother is hot but seeing Kenna take control does something to him – even though her own mafia status comes at a shock. He loves the way she instantly welcomes his brothers (despite wanting to kill them) as they attempt to deal with his crazy family.

One by one secrets are shared between them, with the wider family realising how Kenna received a slit throat when she was 12 years old. Her da has to come to terms with the realities of his actions by sending her away to Ireland. Whilst Dante and Kenna find a way to merge the Italian and Irish mafia as they become co-bosses of both organisations.

Unexpected Union (Made: Mafia Romance Series Book 2) by Brooke Summers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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An Accidental Pregnancy Mafia Romance

Published 25th March 2021
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions
Pages: 334

Unexpected Union (Made- Mafia Romance Series Book 2)

A moment of passion leads to an unexpected union…
When enemies start to rise, can this unexpected union work together to slay their demons?
Or will Melissa’s secrets bury them before they even had a chance?

Melissa Harding was looking for just one night to forget about all the other crap happening in her life. Visiting a club she has fended off the advances of several men until Danny Gallagher comes over and says hello. Sucked into his Irish charm she agrees to take things up to his office where she gives him her virginity before reality comes knocking in the form of her brother. Five months later she is back to seek out her wayward sister, however, Danny spots her leaving – and the bump she is hiding.

There was something about Melissa that drew Danny to her whenever she visited his club. Managing to get her to talk to him after she’d rebuffed the advances from others. Realising she was a Harding after their session in his office he has steered clear but still keeps an eye out for her. Shocked to discover that she is carrying his baby and realises that they will need to wed in order to tie the families together but they hardly know each other – especially the secrets from her past.

As they attempt to navigate married life Danny begins to unravel her past and is shocked to discover what she has been through for her young age. Lissa battling family conflicts whilst seeking out the truth of what dangers Danny is facing as the UK Irish Mafia boss but she also has several roles that she is working too. Will they be able to find out who is behind threats and overcome further revelations about her past that has her spinning.

Fragile Union (Made: Mafia Romance Series Book 3) by Brooke Summers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance

Published 24th June 2021
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions
Pages: 378

Fragile Union: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance (Made: Mafia Romance Series Book 3)

Marriages can be fragile, shattered, broken, destroyed…
A monster
Until Holly
He might have thought Holly was too fragile for his world but he couldn’t have been more wrong; their love is his strength.
And lord help anyone who gets in Romero’s way to protect his Fragile Union.

Holly Gallagher has always been much quieter than her siblings, finding her own way to deal with those who cross her – revenge is a dish best-served cold. She has endured criticism from her ma since she was a young girl but is thankfully close to her da. Being part of the Irish Mafia she knew that an arranged marriage was likely for her so when her Aunt Kenna mentions marrying her brother-in-law she agrees even if it means moving to the States. Reading to guard her heart to a marriage that is unlikely to contain love.

As the second son Romero Bianchi has always lived in his brother Dante’s shadow and was overlooked in favour of his younger brother Alessio by his bastard father. Agreeing to become underboss for Kenna in Connecticut he also agreed to the arranged marriage to her niece Holly despite never even meeting her or seeing a photo. He is pleasantly pleased when he discovers she is a beautiful, demure redhead but this will only ever be an arrangement as he is incapable of love.

Their wedding goes off relatively smoothly and they live two different lives during the day. Each focuses on their work, only connecting between the sheets on a night. Never really getting to know much about the person that they are married to. An attack which sees Holly shot at and her pushing Romero out of the line of fire has them realising that she is in danger – but why? And is Romero able to work out how to keep her safe? Along the way, Holly can’t help but fall for the man she married but she has to endure a one-sided love throughout her marriage.

Shattered Union (Made: Mafia Romance Series Book 4) by Brooke Summers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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An Accidental Pregnancy Mafia Romance

Published 23rd September 2021
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions
Pages: 310

Shattered Union: An Accidental Pregnancy Mafia Romance (Made: Mafia Romance Series Book 4)

Heartbreak can hurt you. Shatter you. Destroy you.
Falling in love can be easy. Simple. Beautiful.
Until it’s not.
Until Callie.
Can Denis win Callie back or are the lies too much for her to bear?

The head of the Irish Mafia, Denis was trapped by Zoe when he was just seventeen. Discovering that she’d poked a hole in the condom resulting in a surprise pregnancy and his first son Danny arriving. Their relationship has never been good and despite requests to his Granda, the Clann leader to get rid of her he has stayed true to his marriage vows – unlike Zoe who has had four children that aren’t biologically Denis’s but he continues to raise the, as she has blackmail against Danny.

Annoyed by a car coming out of nowhere Callie shouts at the driver, resulting in not only a lift home by the most handsome older man but a dinner date with them too. A natural ease between them has them spending the weekend between the sheets but he leaves after a call and she doesn’t see or hear from him for a month. Fate makes their paths cross as she steps in to help a teenager with some bullies in the mall. Forming a friendship with Chloe, she encourages the quiet girl to dance and complete her homework in her bar after school. 

Reconnecting Denis manages to win Callie over even though she has reservations after previously being hurt in the past. However, Denis has only shared snippets about his life, his children’s names, and his role as an Irish Mafia boss but neglected to share that he is still married even if the marriage is a sham. As their world’s colliding secrets are revealed and Callie is devastated by it all, can Denis find a way to make things right so that he finally has the love he has always wanted?

Hateful Union (Made: Mafia Romance Series Book 5) by Brooke Summers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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An Enemies to Lovers Mafia Romance

Published 4th November 2021
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions
Pages: 314

Hateful Union (Made- Mafia Romance Series Book 5)

Hating someone while lusting after them only adds fuel to the fire.
Raylee Silver’s life has been anything but ordinary.
Daughter of a notorious gang leader– she’s lived a unique but sheltered life.
Until Malcolm Gallagher
​​But what happens when her family finds out?

Although Malcolm Gallagher and his ex had their difference it still makes him pause when he discovers her beaten, raped and her dead body dumped in his office chair. Determined to get revenge on the Silver family for it he decides to target Harry Silver’s daughter Raylee. Seeing her in his club the air between them crackles after the recent attack on her best friend which he held her back from helping to save Mayer. Gunshots are fired and he realises that they weren’t meant for him but for Raylee which has him feeling all kinds of possessive towards her.

As the only daughter, Raylee is never included in business matters when it comes to her father and brothers. Leaning on her best friends Gabby and Mayer to keep her sane in the world but this comes crashing down when Mayer is attacked in a bar – saving Raylee from being taken and is killed. Devastated, she takes some of her anger out on Malcolm Gallagher as he was there that night and did nothing to stop it. Whilst having her eyes opened to the life her father operates and she is not standing by to let it continue.

Realising the danger that Raylee has put herself in has Malcolm forcing her to accept his support and resources as they attempt to bring down the trafficking network her father has amassed over the years. Answers and secrets are revealed and they are sickened to discover the extent of everything. Malcolm is navigating his own family dramas alongside it all but a surprise pregnancy has him realising that Raylee means so much to him and needs to keep her safe.

Vengeful Union (Made: Mafia Romance Series Book 6) by Brooke Summers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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An Age Gap Mafia Romance

Published 2nd December 2021
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions
Pages: 260

Vengeful Union (Made- Mafia Romance Series Book 6)

Vengeance can be justified… But what happens when an innocent person is targeted?
Will she be able to survive when they come for her?
Leaving Finn out for blood.
Can he and Destiny make it out alive?
Or will the deep need for revenge swallow them whole?

Finn Gallagher’s viewpoint in the world changed when he was shot attempting to save his cousin Holly. Losing his da in the shootout he woke in hospital days later to the news and that he’d missed the funeral too. Discovering that the Carter’s were involved with the attack he has been slowly plotting his revenge for the best part of a year. With James Carter owing $15 million he heads over for an impromptu visit only to find his daughter Destiny tied to a bed and looking as though she has been there for some time. Refusing Carter’s offer of her as payment for the debt he takes her anyway.

Destiny Carter has always lived in the shadows of her father’s world. Close to her mom who has taught her about the business side of things whilst she finishes school. Sensing danger she heads out with her mom who begs Destiney to run and not look back as things heat up. Watching her father kill her mom in the street and casually make it look like a carjacking. Her fathers men believe that she has headed back to school following the funeral – instead she is tied up like a prisoner, beaten and starved.

Saved in some ways by Finn, Destiny guards herself to him as she thinks she is only there as part of the debt her father owes. Whilst Finn always planned to take her, now that she is here she is making him crazy with need. His family is wondering what has gotten into him following the kidnapping. But as he takes down the Carter syndicate Destiny has her chance to shine.

Explosive Union (Made: Mafia Romance Series Book 7) by Brooke Summers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance

Published 28th April 2022
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions
Pages: 298

Explosive Union (Made- Mafia Romance Series Book 7)

Never underestimate a woman who’s been hurt… The vengeance she has will be beautiful.
​​When their connection becomes undeniable, and walls begin to fall.
Can she let Rocco in? And reveal her true self?
Will Jade and Rocco be able to survive their Explosive Union?

Five years ago Jade Gallagher took the fall for her brother, realising that the family had a plan for him – so she confessed to the manslaughter of one of the Master’s sons. Spending the last five years in prison she has been beaten and repeatedly raped by five correctional officers but she’s not broken. Released and ready to make each and every one of them pay. Although the news that she has been promised to Rocco Gallo and will be marrying him in three weeks comes as a bitter pill to swallow after all she has done for the family.

Rocco Gallo has known the name of the woman he is expected to marry for the past few years. He hasn’t met her in person and has started to question what is going on until his father announces that the wedding is in 3 weeks and they’ll be meeting Jade the next day – oh and she’s been in prison for the last 5 years! Coming from the Famiglia he is expecting a meek and mild woman who will be there to keep house and make babies. He was not expecting everything that Jade is, especially with her very much in ’the life’ as a newly appointed underboss. 

To say that they butt heads would be an understatement as they each attempt to be the alpha in the relationship. As they begin to learn more about each other, not least Jade’s past, they find a way to support each other rather than go against each other. But Jade needs her revenge on those who did her wrong, will she be able to find peace as she ticks them off her list?

Cherished Union (Made: Mafia Romance Series Book 8) by Brooke Summers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance

Published 25th August 2022
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions
Pages: 302

Cherished Union (Made- Mafia Romance Series Book 8)

When the woman he cherishes above all else has been hurt… his inner demons come out to play.
Adelina Gallo’s life changed in the blink of an eye. She always knew that she’d be a bargaining chip to further her family’s connections.
Hayden Gallagher is portrayed as a monster. Someone that Adelina should be fearful of.
Can Hayden and Adelina survive the war that’s coming, or will they fall just like so many others have?

Hayden Gallagher understood the reasons why his sister took the fall for him five years ago, however, he now has to live with the guilt of the abuse she endured in prison. Seeing her released and marry Rocco he can see that she is regaining her life. Now it is time for him to marry his intended bride – Adeline Gallo who he has managed to avoid taking down the aisle until now. But with her father’s health declining he has two weeks until he says ‘I do’ to his beautiful Italian fiance.

At 25, Ade is considered an old bride by Italian family standards. Her first fiance was killed before they wed, saving her from marriage to a man more than twice her age. Promised to Hayden to strengthen family ties she knows that her place is to be a good wife and mother. Tensions running high in the family have her not knowing about a meeting with Hayden and attending not dressed to impress. Her father raised his hand to her for the first time, soon becoming a habit in the countdown to the wedding saved by her brother Elio as her father almost kills her.

Hayden is known for being fierce and a force to be reckoned with, yet seeing Ade he can’t help but feel possessive and protective of her. Furious over her father’s action he has to put his plans to kill him on hold for the food of the family. All whilst issues with the Masters family keep him on his toes as they attack those he loves the most. Are they able to move on from all the past hurts they have endured?

Obsessive Union (Made: Mafia Romance Series Book 9) by Brooke Summers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

A Secret Baby Mafia Romance

Published 8th December 2022
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions
Pages: 302

Obsessive Union (Made- Mafia Romance Series Book 9)

The moment he met her he knew she was different… He never expected her to become his obsession.
Gabriella Sanchez has been hidden her entire life. Growing up she was never chosen first.
Alessio Bianchi has always been seen as the youngest son of the Bianchi family. The screw-up. The little kid.
On a job for his brother, Alessio finds himself in trouble. He never expected to be saved by a beautiful stranger.
Can Alessio uncover who’s out to get them or will he lose everyone he loves to the hands of the unknown enemy?

As the youngest son, Alessio Bianchi endured the brunt of his father’s rage. Used as a punching bag for him until he was old enough and big enough to fight back. Tasked by him to infiltrate the Russians and gather intel for him, he continued this task after his father’s death despite it raising questions of loyalty from his brothers as they were unaware of his Russian ties. His brother sends him to Denver on a job and runs into trouble, managing to fight off and kill his three attackers; he almost dies in the process until a beauty comes to his aid.

Gabby was born as the result of an affair her married father had with her mom. Her whole life she has been hidden away like a dirty secret only occasionally seeing her mafia boss father. Moving from Spain to the US to finish college she moved to Denver to be near him and has started to enjoy her life. Leaving the bar one evening she finds the handsome stranger she saw inside bleeding from a gunshot wound and taking him back to her place without thinking. Patching him up, enjoying a connection with him before he leaves with a promise of returning.

Four years later, Alessio never made it back to Denver before Gabby relocated her life to Indianapolis after finding out she was pregnant weeks later. But as their worlds collide again she has to face why she hid her son, their son, Anthony from Alessio. Whilst he needs to prove to her that he is here for the long haul after obsessing about her for years. But threats put his new family in danger from more than one source – can they face things together?

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