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James Bailey was born in Bristol, and currently lives and works in his home city. A graduate of King’s College London, James has previously carried the Olympic Torch, made a speech at the House of Commons, and worked as a red carpet reporter.

Standalone Books from James Bailey

The Flip Side (2020) by James Bailey

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Hilarious, feel-good and uplifting. A romantic comedy perfect for anyone who has ever failed at love.

What could be more romantic than proposing to your girlfriend on New Year’s Eve on the London Eye? A private capsule for just the two of you with champagne and chocolates on standby. It would be romantic if your girlfriend said yes instead of no. That’s the situation Josh finds himself in when his girlfriend of three years not only says no but that she’s been seeing someone else. If that wasn’t bad enough it’s Jade’s flat that they live in and her dad’s hotel that they both work at.

As the New Year rings in Josh has no girlfriend, no job and nowhere to live. After realising that maybe he hasn’t made the best decisions he opts to flip a coin throughout the next year to help guide him through all of life’s decisions. Not always giving him the best decision but at least he can blame it on the coin.

Follow Josh throughout the year as he attempts to rebuild his life. From what he wants to do for a job to finding love again. Told from Josh’s point of view the storyline struggled a little for me. With a funny relationship with his parents, his friendships and then chasing after a girl he’d met once.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Kindle Store and Audiobook.

The Way Back To You (2022) by James Bailey

Three friends. Two summers. One chance to find the way back to you . . .

Available to pre-order from Amazon in Paperback, Kindle Store and Audiobook – due for release on 9th June 2022

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