Midnight Dynasty World {Reading Order}

24 April 2023

Whilst each of the series’ within the Midnight Dynasty World can be read as a standalone, like any long-running series it is always best to indulge in the wider collection. Take a look at the suggested Midnight Dynasty World reading order.

The Five Points’ Mob Collection (10 Books) by Serena Akeroyd

19 March 2023

Step inside Hells Kitchen, New York and spend some time with the Five Points’ Mob collection. Following the Irish mafia, O’Donnelly family you’ll be treated to some alpha males who have seen their fair share of darkness in their lives but can the women who enter their lives provide them with some light?

The Carpino Series {5 Books} by Brynne Asher

8 March 2023

Meet the Carpino family from USA Today’s Bestselling Author Brynne Asher. They are fiercely protective of each other, always ready to lend a helping hand or fight for their family members. Take a look at their paths to discovering love, finding a way to navigate the pitfalls that they face and whether they are meant to be together or walk away.

Alpha Billionaire Series (12 Books) by Ava Gray

1 February 2023

Ava Gray brings you a collection of Alpha Billionaires in this contemporary romance series. Featuring the alpha, in-control men who are blindsided by the women in their lives. But will they manage to wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late?

Cassie Connor {Books In Order}

7 November 2022

Cassie Connor loves capsule wardrobes, packs light, enjoys weekending in Nice and takes her own champagne flute wherever she goes. She’s also got a history degree and has never finished War and Peace. When it comes to dating, her motto is CBA – Can’t Be Arsed – and has resorted to writing and inventing her own men because fictional heroes are always so much better.