Storm Canyon Cowboys Series {3 Books} by Riley Ash

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Storm Canyon Cowboys Series {3 Books} by Riley Ash

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Welcome to Storm Canyon, Colorado. It’s ranch country in the Rocky Mountains, but in these parts the only thing that’s more important than family is who owns what and how much. A small town home to the Briggs brothers, Colt, Wyatt, and Beau.

One feud. Two families – the Briggs and the Winchesters. And everything standing in the way of love.

Their only tasks in life are to protect the family name and fortune and to make sure the Winchesters don’t get ahead, but that means ignoring their own needs. When the right woman comes into view, they’ll have to decide if loyalty or love will win?

Storm Canyon Cowboys Series: Reading Order by Riley Ash

Broken Cowboy: Enemies to Lovers Romance (Storm Canyon Cowboys Book 1)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Published 10th March 2023
Dual POV

Format: Kindle

Being a Briggs holds more power than the law badge I wear.
Some say my father bought me this position, but the folks of Storm Canyon voted me in.
However, neither my name nor my badge means anything to Aria Fairchild.

Returning to Storm Canyon following the death of her grandfather, Aria Fairchild is attempting to sort out his affairs. The town’s lawyer for many years, his office is filled with paperwork which she wishes she had managed him to switch to a digital system. Unable to find the deeds to the office or the family ranch as she works out what she’d be doing with both properties. Finally locating the safe she is unable to crack the combination and needs to find a locksmith when the local Sheriff Colt Briggs pops into the office saying he can help.

Growing up as a Briggs comes with big expectations and responsibilities from his father. Tasked with ensuring that the Fairchild ranch is acquired by the Briggs family, Colt is feeling the pressure of failure. Managing to speak with Aria, Colt realises that she isn’t likely to accept the lowball offer his father has put together. And that he is totally smitten by the fierce city lawyer.

Getting closer to Aria, Colt questions why he is doing s. His track record with love and women isn’t great and what he feels for her is much bigger than anything before. Her visit to Storm Canyon was only meant to be tying up loose ends but finds herself smitten by Colt, although a niggle of doubt playing her as to his intentions. Miscommunications hamper their fledging love but as they make plans for the future how will his father take the news and are they really able to build a life together?

Cocky Cowboy: An Opposites Attract Romance (Storm Canyon Cowboys Book 2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Published 31st March 2023
Dual POV

Format: Kindle

If this rodeo and investment opportunity go off without a hitch, I’ll be taken seriously. But a fire burns down our cafe and my dreams go up in smoke. Caitlin’s hot-tempered, passionate, and her home cooking is my saving grace. When I go to work with her to save the deal, she’s the first person I’ve never had to prove my worth to.

Finally taking a break from running the diner Caitlin takes the opportunity to call up the health insurance company about her mother’s treatment. Once again being told that the treatments recommended by the doctor are not covered on the policy. Caitlin unsure how to move forward without the funding, muttering under her breath she bumps into Wyatt Briggs her boss who has a go at her for taking calls at work. Giving him as good as she gets especially when he mentions the tip jar behind the counter.

Wyatt is the second oldest Briggs son and from the outside appears to be the favourite as he has been declared as the heir by his father. The reality is that he works hard every day to prove to his father that he has the best interests of the family and the business in hand. A big business deal to be decided at the local rodeo has him receiving even more pressure from Jameson Briggs. Not helped by the diner burning down, the numbers increasing and Caitlin pushing his buttons each time he sees her.

Seeing the diner going up in flames, Caitlin rushed in to save the tips jar containing at least $200 as she needs every cent towards her mother’s care. Although she feels uneasy that her cousin may have caused it due to his smoking habit she prepares the new rodeo lunch plan for Wyatt’s business deal at the Briggs mansion. Just as Caitlin and Wyatt begin to discover the chemistry between them stumbling blocks are placed in their path – but are they strong enough to overcome them?

Wild Cowboy: A Secret Baby Romance (Storm Canyon Cowboys Book 3)

Published 19th May 2023
Dual POV

Format: Kindle

Everyone calls me the “Wild One” out of the Briggs brothers, and I can own that title.
But after a short stint in a Denver jail due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I’m at my father’s beck and call and I don’t like it. One bit.
He has me on a fool’s errand to find out what the Winchester’s, our rival family, are hiding in the mountain property they own.

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