Gallo Famiglia: A Mafia Romance Book Series (3 Books) by Brooke Summers

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Gallo Famiglia: A Mafia Romance Book Series (3 Books) by Brooke Summers

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Welcome to the Gallo Famiglia mafia romance series from Brooke Summers. Following hot on the heels of the Made Series and Fury Vipers MC, you might wish to read these series’ before you make a start on this one as the characters overlap and intertwine – enabling you to gain more of a connection to the characters.

Gallo Famiglia Book Series: Reading Order by Brooke Summers

Ruthless Arrangement: Gallo Famiglia Book 1

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Published 25th May 2023
Dual POV

Format: Kindle

All I want is my freedom. He’s out for vengeance.
My life has been plagued by never ending pain and suffering.
He’s fueled by anger and hate.
Elio Gallo is the underboss to the famiglia.
He’s determined to knock down my walls and shatter me.
Marrying him was the only chance I had to survive.
Being his wife just may be my breaking point.

Elio Gallo has a lot on his plate without having to travel to Chicago to pick up his sister-in-law’s cousin/niece. Hoping to get on the road with Chloe Gallagher as soon as possible in order to get back to Indianapolis by lunchtime. An accident en route derails plans as Chloe is taken and he is injured by the Dirty Demon MC. Waking up after a rescue attempt has been made he learns that his brother and boss of the Famiglia has agreed to let the Gallagher Clann gain their revenge – leaving him looking for revenge elsewhere.

Following her mother’s death before she was 3 years old, Teagen Mitchell was placed in the care of her father – the Dirty Demon MC president. He never wanted kids and she has been reminded of this throughout the years with beatings and how she has lived. Turning eighteen was a milestone for her as the brothers decided that she was fair game and ready to be used and abused by them, Enduring four years of torture before Chloe Gallagher was kidnapped, setting off their downfall.

Hopeful that she is now free from the life she had makes friends at the shelter but when Elio Gallo arrives with a ruthless arrangement she has to decide between marriage to him as revenge for her father’s actions of death. Going through with the marriage she is confused by his actions, giving her pleasure but nothing else she thought would come with marriage. As threats happen around them will Elio realise who is in danger and just how desperately sad Teagan is before it is too late?

Ruthless Betrayal: Gallo Famiglia Book 2

Published 14th September 2023
Dual POV

Format: Kindle

All I’ve ever wanted is to be loved. He’s determined to make me suffer.
Growing up within the depths of the Bratva organization, I’ve only felt violence and brutality.
Surviving this life I’ve been dealt is my only goal.
Marrying the underboss of the Italian Mafia was supposed to be my lifeline.
But Niccolo Caruso is only out for one thing—revenge.

Ruthless Passion: Gallo Famiglia Book 3

Published 14th December 2023
Dual POV

Format: Kindle

Dario and Portia’s story coming this winter!!

About The Author – Brooke Summers

USA Today Bestselling Author Brooke Summers is a Mafia Romance author and is best known for her Made Series.

Brooke Summers was born and raised in South London. She lives with her daughter and hubby. Brooke has been an avid reader for many years. She’s a huge fan of Colleen Hoover and Kristen Ashley.

Brooke has been dreaming of writing for such a long time. When she was little, she would make up stories just for fun. Seems as though she was destined to become an author.

Other book series from Brooke Summers

  • Made: Mafia Romance Series (9 book series)
  • Fury Vipers MC (7 book series)

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