‘Tis the Season for Romance Anthology

Totally Booked 'Tis the Season for Romance

‘Tis the Season for Romance Anthology

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‘Tis the season for romance in this never before released anthology of novellas. Featuring nine of the top New York Times and USA Today Bestselling authors.

‘Tis the Season for Romance Anthology

'Tis the Season for Romance Anthology

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Code Name: Grace (Jameson Force Security #6.5) by Sawyer Bennett

It’s been nine years since Corianne last saw Clay, the day he broke her heart and pushed her away. Finding him standing in her FBI office she looks at the agent who helped her through the murder of her parents and subsequent trial. Over the two years, they chatted regularly about updates on the case and much more. But feeling guilty for not catching The Salt Slasher sooner has left him unable to allow himself to love Corianne.

Boyfriend by Sarina Bowen

Working at The Biscuit and The Barrel offers Abbi the extra cash she needs for her college rent as well as providing her with some hockey player eye candy. Table seventeen is in the Uni’s hockey teams table where Weston sits with his teammates. Overhearing a conversation about him being rent-a-boyfriend for Thanksgiving has Abbi getting in touch, Going above and beyond he helps her ling after the holiday is over – just as friends, right?

The Detour by K. Bromberg

Harley is headed out of the city when she finds that the road ahead is closed. Escaping her broken relationship where her boyfriend of two years cheated on her with another man. With her muse doing a disappearing act she is hoping that she’ll find some inspiration along the way. Finding herself in a town that Christmas threw up in with a handsome bar owner Saint Nick (yes, really!) getting her muse back on track.

The Right One by Natasha Madison

It’s been quite a week for Leah who is returning home early after being fired just before Christmas. Heading back to her apartment she finds her boyfriend and now ex-best friend in bed together. Fleeing to stay with her brother she is surprised to find he is out of town and there is a handsome guy with an Irish accent in his place – who turns out to be her brother’s best friend who is now very much grown up.

Blind Date (Dating Series Book 7) by Monica Murphy

Full review available HERE

Christmas in Quincy (The Edens #0.5) by Devney Perry

Cleo doesn’t live up to all the hype of being an heiress to a tech company. Finding herself happiest when she is working in her bakery. Breaking away from her predictable life she has booked a three day Christmas break in Quincy. Forgoing her usual family obligations much to the annoyance of her father. Determined to enjoy time to herself she refuses to come home when her former protection officer Austin turns up.

Each housing secret feeling for each other they have pushed each other away for various reasons. Stuck in Quincy for Christmas they are forced to face their feelings and decide whether to act upon them or walk away forever.

Honor by Kristen Proby

Injured in the line of duty protecting Princess Nina, Nick is having a hard time not being fit for duty and spending time recovering. To get him away from the rest of the security detail and the temptation to work, Nina sets him up in her old Montana lakehouse just down the road – with a full-time nurse Jordan to help his recovery.

Returning to Montana after leaving Arizona, Jordan is pleased to have indeed a private nursing job. Even though she was warned about Nick’s grumpy nature she wasn’t expecting him to be so hot. Her sunny disposition has him warming up and lowering his grumpy scale. Although his ability to keep his hands off her gets harder with each passing day. But once they find each other together, going their separate ways in a month is going to be difficult.

A Mayson Family Christmas by Aurora Rose Reynolds

A catch up with the Mayson family this Christmas. Each of the characters gets their chance to share an update or news for the festive season. Having not previously read any of the books I did feel that this story/extended epilogue if you will, was misplaced in this anthology as you needed a little more background information on the characters and previous storylines.

Shielding Jayme (Delta Team Two #3.5) by Susan Stoker

After being disappointed by a long term work opportunity that broke her heart, Jayme is pleased her Meemaw offered for her to come and stay with her in Texas. Preparing an evening meal plus sweet treats it appears that her Meemaw has been playing matchmaker with her. Having met Rocket in the grocery store a few weeks ago it seems that she has set them up to enjoy dinner together. At 40, Rocket thought that he’d missed his chance at love, marriage and children but one look at Jayme and he has himself questioning that thought.

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