Valentino Empire: Reading Order (6 Books) by Kylie Kent

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Valentino Empire: Reading Order (6 Books) by Kylie Kent

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Are you ready to discover the Valentino Empire? Join Theo Valentino and his cousins as they navigate the threats that come as part of being in the mafia, and how this affects those around them… especially the ones that capture their hearts.

Valentino Empire Reading Order by Kylie Kent

The Valentino Empire series is made up of the complete Valentino Trilogy (Devilish King, Unassuming Queen and Unite Reign), standalone books featuring Theo’s cousins and finally a short story on the background and love affair of his mom and dad (it’s so adorable). Whilst the first three books need to be read in order, the series best enjoyed in the order below:

Devilish King: A Dark Mafia Romance (Valentino Empire Book 1)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 28th February 2022
Dual POV

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle
Pages 268

Devilish King - A Dark Mafia Romance (Valentino Empire Book 1) by Kylie Kent

My whole life was mapped out, designed for me, before I was even a twinkle in my old man’s eye. I am the heir to the Valentino throne. A kingdom built with blood and dirty money. But one I’ll rule all the same.
My father was the youngest Don to ever be crowned king. However, with any luck, the controlling bastard will drop soon, allowing me to beat his record by a few years.

I love my father—respect the hell out of him. But some of his choices lately, the plans he’s laid out for me, they’re… archaic. I was happy to go along with his proposition, to embody the role I was assigned at birth. Until I met her.

She wasn’t part of his carefully orchestrated game board. She’s not part of the lifestyle. She’d get eaten alive if I were to bring her into the fold.
Those innocent emerald eyes of hers hold me captive from the moment our paths collide. To hell with the plans for my future. This girl, who has no place being in my world, has become its entirety.

A new job. A new city. A new country. This is the new me. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself as I step off the plane at JFK. New York, I couldn’t think of a better city to force myself out of my comfort zone, to step out from under my sister’s shadow.
My dream once included finding the husband, having the kids, and building that white picket fence. It’s funny how things change over time.

My new dream? Experience life to the fullest. Explore and discover who I am, without my other half. Surviving the New York culture shock, without getting mugged or killed, is also high on that list.
That is, until I run into him. And just like that, my life takes a one-eighty. Again. There’s something dark inside him—it calls to a part of me I never knew existed. Can I go against my moral compass, every belief I’ve held onto so tightly, just to answer it? To be with him?

Attending her twin sister’s wedding in Las Vegas, Holly can’t help but reflect on how life has changed in the last few years. From being held at gunpoint, her brother being killed, her father murdering his killer and now in jail today and her sister marrying the love of her life. Wanting to gain control over her life and with somewhat a fresh slate she has taken a new job as a Kindergarten teacher at an elite prep school in New York. Relocating her life from Sydney to New York is overwhelming but she has got this – plus Reilly (from Club Merge Series) is only at the end of the phone whenever she needs support.

As the only heir to the Valentino Empire, Theo has been prepped his whole life to rule the Valentino Empire one day. With his father still calling the shots he is stuck in an arranged engagement with Lana, who he has known since he was a toddler. Thinking of her as a sister rather than anything romantic. Pressured into setting dates etc. puts Theo in a temper, heading to his cousin’s diner with Neo. Spotting a beautiful redhead sitting in his usual seat the diner waits to see his reaction, instead, he opts to eat in the office. 

A middle-of-night trip to a local diner has Holly feeling aware of something or someone but unsure as to what until Theo makes his presence known, Instantly feeling connected to him she attempts to fight her feelings but over the two days it is as though they have to spend a lifetime together. Needing to get out of the arranged marriage more than ever, Theo attempted to come up with a solution but Lana takes things into her own hands. Will Holly be strong enough to deal with Theo as the head of the Valentino empire? Will there be repercussions for breaking the agreement and declaring his love for Holly?

Unassuming Queen: A Dark Mafia Romance (Valentino Empire Book 2)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 31st March 2022
Dual POV

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle
Pages 252

Unassuming Queen- A Dark Mafia Romance (Valentino Empire Book 2) by Kylie Kent

This wasn’t supposed to happen. This isn’t the happily ever after I was promised. He was meant to be here. He was meant to be sitting on this throne. Not me.
I’m not equipped for this. I’m not fit to rule over anything. He says I’m a queen. He even gave me the keys to the castle, but what’s a queen without her king? Still a queen apparently.

There’s nowhere to hide. There’s nowhere to run. This is my kingdom. His kingdom. And I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure it’s still standing when he returns. Because believing he won’t come back isn’t an option.

She doesn’t know it, but I’m watching over her. Assisting where I can. Every fibre of my being wants to storm back through those doors and wrap her in my arms. Yet the one thing stopping me… is her. Because I will put her safety above all else.

They want to believe I’m dead. They want to overrun the castle. Take what my family has gained through generations on that throne. Let them try. Like many before, they’ll fail. I may not be by her side, but I have eyes and ears all over the city.
I’ve left my kingdom in safe hands. They will underestimate her, my little unassuming queen, but that will be their downfall.
She may appear quiet, weak even. But I know her soul better than she does. If anyone can reign in my absence, it’s her.

The bottom has just fallen out of Holly’s world as she comes to terms with the explosion and the death of her husband. Throwing a glass at the wall after three days of heartbreak she looks longingly at the broken glass and thinks about how easily she could join Theo again. Thankfully, Neo finds her before she acts on any of those thoughts. She just can’t believe that Theo is dead, sending him messages to show how much she misses him and needs him back she is in for a surprise when they are marked as read – but how can that be?

Faking his death whilst taking out Lana’s big brother, Theo knew that it would be hard on him as well as Holly. But unaware of how much it would affect his queen and the drastic steps she might take. Relying on Neo to keep her alive and safe as he discovers the bigger picture of the trafficking ring Lana’s father and potentially his father were orchestrating. Seeking out the players and plans he feeds this back to ‘The Three’ but he needs to reassure his broken-hearted wife that he is alive but hiding at the moment.

Retreating to Sydney under Theo’s order whilst he heads to Italy, Holly shares the news with Theo’s mom that he is alive and their bond grows. Missing him albeit being able to contact him Holly stirs up his possessive side as she heads out shopping etc. with her sister and friends. Theo is fighting battles in Italy to be reconnected with his wife but as he heads back after a whistle-stop visit to Sydney, Holly will be by his side – but will this bite them in the butt?

United Reign: A Dark Mafia Romance (Valentino Empire Book 3)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 30th April 2022
Dual POV

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle
Pages 250

United Reign- A Dark Mafia Romance (Valentino Empire Book 3) by Kylie Kent

Everything we’ve built is crashing down around me.
I’m consumed by the darkness, my blood boiling with the need for revenge.
My wife is the only light in my life; she’s the very reason I keep on fighting.
They’re coming after me. And worse yet, they’re coming after her.
But let them come…

I’m waiting. We’re waiting.
To send them all back to the hell they crawled out of.
I just hope the city’s prepared.
Because New York’s never seen a war like this one.

My life changed the minute I crossed paths with him.
For better or worse. Those were the vows I took.
And right now, it’s for worse…
Whoever his enemies are, they’re looking for me.

But I’m not the same wallflower I was when I stepped off that plane at JFK.
I won’t go down easily. No, I’ll stay and fight alongside my husband.
We will reign over his kingdom. United.
As one.

Returning to New York Holly is aware that there is still a threat to Theo and his family. Finding that his penthouse has been targeted they retreat to a brownstone near Helena’s Diner. She is still attempting to come to terms with everything that happened in Italy. And as she and Theo reconnects that active threat comes knocking and she is left at the diner whilst Theo disappears to help his men. Needing to forget the last few weeks she heads back to her apartment to find Angelica and Isabella.

Theo cannot believe how his life has changed since meeting Holly, feeling out of sorts as soon as he is away from her. Needing to ensure her safety whilst still being the Don to his men. Watching the meek girl he first met transform into his queen, she is not afraid to question his decisions – something he loves and hates. Tracking her down after another incident he comes face to face with his newly found sister Angelica and niece Isabella, but he’s not ready to accept his new family, well Isabella is firmly in his heart.

The war is still raging around him and a hit has been placed on his head but how can Theo find where The Clover is hiding? Holly attempts to start creating their future by finding a home and offering Theo advice on business matters whilst discovering that she is carrying his child. Things come to a head with a double kidnapping but who has been taken and will the men underestimate the women in their world?

This book finished the Valentino Empire Trilogy

Brutal Princess: A Dark Mafia Romance (Valentino Empire Book 4)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 8th August 2022
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle
Pages 270

Brutal Princess- A Dark Mafia Romance (Valentino Empire Book 4)

Mafia princess.
The Donatello assassin.
I’ve been called many things.
My favourite, though, is when he says I’m his angel.

Neo Valentino, my brother’s best friend.
My father sent me to New York on a mission.
But that mission’s quickly blurred when a certain enforcer insists on getting in my way at every turn.

I welcome it. I thrive in it.
When my best friend’s sister turns up in his city, I’m supposed to stay away from her.
Except the demons inside me recognise the demons inside her.

She’s the dark angel who just might earn me my one-way ticket to hell.
Fuck anyone trying to stop me from taking her along for the ride.
Angelica Donatello is mine.
And I’m about to let her spread those black wings and fly.
Finally free of that gilded cage she’s been kept in.

Finding out that she has a brother, Angelica believes that her father has finally lost the plot. The reality is that Theo is five years older than her and their father did not know that he was his until his visit to Italy. Now Angelica is being sent to New York, along with her daughter Isabella to track the rat within the Valentino organisation and keep Theo safe whilst the war rages around him. Spending the first week sourcing information about Theo and his underboss Neo before she makes introductions.

Being the underboss neo is the man that Theo relies upon for information, action and everything else, being his right-hand man entails. He has never been serious about love or women until he heads to Holly’s old apartment with Theo after another shootout and miscommunication. Whilst he is there to get his sister Helena home, who has had too much to drink, Neo can’t help but notice the beauty sitting there assessing the situation unfolding. Realising that the angel is Theo’s newly found sister should shut down any thoughts he has for her but it doesn’t.

Feeling torn about the true reason for her visit versus the family she has gained for Isabella, however, she knows that this is all temporary and not the life she wants long term. Neo is surprised by the pull he feels towards his angel and how protective he feels over Isabella – believing that Theo’s love sickness over Holly has passed over to him. Although trying to get her to believe that this thing between them is something real and long-term is anything but straightforward. As the rat is uncovered Angelica takes things into her own hands but when Isabella is taken they combine forces to get her home.

Reclaiming Lola: A Dark Mafia Romance (Valentino Empire Book 5)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 10th November 2022
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle
page 246

This is a dark romance containing scenes that could be triggering to some. This is not for the fainthearted.

Reclaiming Lola- A Dark Mafia Romance (Valentino Empire Book 5)

They want me to be her. Lola.
I’m not though. I haven’t been that girl for the last ten years.
My childhood was stolen from me.
And the monsters who took me, they make the devil look like a saint.
I was nothing more than a slave, trapped in a nightmare with no way out.

They say I’m free now, that I’m safe here. Safe with my family.
My mind, however, it’s still back there.
Trapped in the dark, damp cell.
He claims he’s here to help me heal my subconscious. To get me back to being Lola.
But men are all the same.
No matter how kind his smile is, I know it’s only a matter of time before Dr. James takes what he really wants.
What they all want. My body.

Dr. James
She’s a patient.
A mafia princess.
Someone I’m being paid a lot of money to help.
Her trauma is unlike any I’ve ever encountered,
her mind a twisted jungle consisting of nothing but the monsters who haunt her.

It took one look at the girl to know I’d do everything in my power to get her to reclaim the life they stole.
To show her that there’s a rainbow at the end of her storm
And it took one week to know that, in fixing her, I might just break myself.
Cross the one line a doctor should never breach.
When she peers up at me with those broken doe eyes, it takes everything in me not to wrap my arms around her and never let go.

Ten years ago, at nine years old Lola was taken by sex traffickers and had been held captive ever since. Over those years she has endured the most horrific things both to herself and forced to watch what happened to others. Renamed #36 she loses her identity and when a new person #513 is shoved into her cell she knows that she needs to act. Not only to save the little girl who must have been a similar age to her when she was first taken but also as he claims to be the daughter of Neo Valentino – Lola’s brother.

Managing to facilitate a rescue she is now on an island off the coast of Australia with Neo, Angelica and Izzy – plus her therapist Dr James. Hiding once again from the world she is attempting to overcome the nightmares, anxiety and uncertainty that she feels. With Dr James being on hand to sit with her, take walks on the beach and talk things through. Finds herself feeling peaceful in his company and relying on him to help her sleep etc. 

Moving to the island to help Lola has to be the hardest client that James has come across. finding himself protective of her and wanting to burn down the world for causing her so much harm. Their connection grows over the months and as his patient/professional boundaries begin to blur he knows that he needs to step back to allow Lola to deal with everything while not using. Relying on him as a crutch. Truly heartbreaking as Lola reclaims who she was, who she now is and who she wants to be in the future.

Empire Of Lies (Valentino Empire Novella) by Kylie Kent

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 1st May 2023
Dual POV

Format: Kindle
Pages 40

Empire Of Lies (Valentino Empire Novella) by Kylie Kent

Thirty years ago, I left Italy.
I left him behind to marry another man.
I thought I was leaving alone; I didn’t know I was carrying a piece of him with me.
How do I face him now after all this time?
Now that he knows what I did?

Thirty years ago Gloria was preparing for her last night in Italy as her father had arranged for her to be married to Theo Valentino – a move set to save her family from their recent troubles. Wanting one last chance to see her only true love she heads out to see Al Dontello. After months of messing around, she gives him her virginity before leaving in the night to fulfil her family’s wishes.

Unknown to Al, Gloria took a lasting memory of their night together in the form of Theo Junior. Her marriage to Valentino was in name only and he took on her love child as his own. Now T is in Italy meeting with Al and Gloria needs to finally own up to the secret she has been hiding for 30 years.

Bitterness over her leaving in the night, leaving for someone else and all the emotions in between flit across Al’s eyes as he sees Gloria for the first time in 30 years. One thing that has not changed is their chemistry and connection. But as they reconnect Al wants the life he should have had all those years ago.

About The Author: Kylie Kent

Kylie Kent is an international Amazon Bestseller Author of steamy, dark and delicious mafia romances. Kylie is living out her dream to deliver sexy, always and forever romances. Take a look a the complete Kylie Kent library to ensure that you have them all added to your TBR list as once you read one, you will want to read them all!

She loves a happily-ever-after story with tons of built-in steam. Kylie currently resides in Sydney, Australia and when she is not dreaming up the latest romance she can be found spending time with her three children and her husband of twenty years, her very own real-life instant love.

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