Crave County: Frozen Peak {Reading Order} by Clara King

13 March 2024

Welcome to Frozen Peak! This snowy mountain in Crave County is full of rugged alpha mountain men who are crazy about the curvy women they love. You can expect big grumpy heroes, sassy sunshine heroines, age gaps galore, and enough steam to melt all the snow off this mountain!

McKinley’s Obsession Duet Book Series by Kylie Kent

11 March 2024

Get ready for the McKinley’s Obsession Duet book series from Kylie Kent, a dark second-chance romance. From the moment that Josh McKinley’s path crossed with Emily Livingstone, his fate was sealed. Although it was just wishful thinking to him that they could ever have a future.

Hellfire Club Book Series by Becker Gray: Reading Order

4 March 2024

Are you ready to spend some time with the Hellfire Club boys at Pembroke Prep? Prepare yourself for the highs and lows of being a young adult whilst attending one of the prestigious prep school, each of these boys have expectations on their shoulders but it’s girls that come into their lives that make them realise what is truly important.

Sections In The Bookstore

26 January 2024

“If on a winter’s night a traveler” doesn’t focus on the physical sections of a bookstore but rather explores the diverse literary landscapes that readers encounter as they delve into different books and genres.