Christmas With You: A Sweet & Steamy Holiday Collection by Kali Hart

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Christmas With You: A Sweet & Steamy Holiday Collection by Kali Hart

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This holiday season, come fall in love with seven couples in the Christmas With You collection as they find their happily ever afters during Christmas! If you enjoy protective, passionate heroes who will do anything for the women they love and confident curvy heroines who don’t need a man but secretly want one for the holidays, this collection is for you!

Christmas With You: A Sweet & Steamy Holiday Collection

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Published 18th December 2022

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition or Kindle Unlimited

Logan: Holidays With The Hometown Hero

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Published 4th December 2020
Dual POV
Part of the Holidays With The Hometown Hero series

I never thought a trip home for the holidays would require a bodyguard.
But with my growing fame, I’ve ended up with a stalker.

Returning home for Christmas, Sophia is looking forward to time with her mom, especially as her brother is currently on deployment; however, she is currently having a debate with her brother over the need for a bodyguard. Working as a writer and YouTuber, she has gained many fans, one particular one leaving increasingly disturbing comments. Her brother insists she needs a bodyguard whilst she is home, especially as she mentioned online where she was spending the holidays.

Having been in the military, Logan now works in security his boss forcing him to take the holiday he has accrued. Luckily for him, a buddy asks him to do a private assignment over the holidays, but it turns out that Sophia is very much grown up from the teenager who once had a crush on him. Feeling protective of her, he knows that he’ll do anything to keep her safe and this crazy fan away from her.

Knowing that it is Logan who will be guarding her over the holidays is both a blessing and a curse for Sophia. Her once crush on him reignites and she can’t sleep knowing that he is in the same house. As they fail to keep a professional distance she wants to be kept informed about what’s happening with her stalker but will Logan be able to do that? what will her brother have to say about their relationship?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition or Kindle Unlimited

His Unexpected Christmas Gift: Thorton Family Holidays

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Published 22nd December 2019
Dual POV
Part of the Thorton Family Holidays series

I can’t celebrate Christmas without a tree.
It’s the only reason I drive into the mountains two days before to get a real tree.
I waited too long on the wrong guy, and everywhere else is sold out.

Having wasted too much time and effort in a relationship that was going nowhere, Mia ended things with Rhett. Driving to a Christmas tree farm to gain a tree for Christmas. It is incredibly last minute and there is a snowstorm on its way but she can’t miss out on a tree for Christmas. Arriving at a deserted parking lot she manages to bump into who she assumed is the far,m owner asking for a tree but appears that he isn’t that welcoming or that she is in fact at the Christmas tree farm – it is the next farm along and it closed for the season yesterday.

With the snowstorm heading this way, Connor is hoping to baton down the hatches and hide out over the holidays. That was until a beautiful woman arrived looking for a tree. Wishing to get her on her way as soon as possible he cuts one down and attaches it to her car. Feeling guilty about sending her away he goes after her to find that she has slid off the road. Rescuing her he takes her back to his cabin, which springs up all kinds of emotions in him seeing her in his home.

Spending the night the sparks fly between the pair, however, she can’t understand why he doesn’t have a tree etc. and he doesn’t wish to discuss the topic when she attempts to find out more. Snowed in at the farm, Connor has managed to rescue her tree from her can and can see the beauty in it but he is not ready to deal with the emotions from his past – but will this push Mia away?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition or Kindle Unlimited

Elijah: Brothers in Arms in Alaska

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Published 17th December 2021
Dual POV
Part of the Brothers in Arms in Alaska series

The first night I met Elijah, I thought I met the one.
Except one phone call ruined it all.

As hard as I’ve tried to move on, I can’t.

Running the Three Rivers Christmas Charity Event, Waverly is wondering what she is going to do as her Santa has called in sick and none of the backup Santas are available. She has one last person she could ask but doesn’t want to ask Elijah for anything given the way things went between them over the summer. Plus he skipped out on helping her best friend by posing as a fake fiance (although she did end up married to his twin brother so not all bad). Luckily Santa arrives just as she has made up her mind to call him.

Sharing one fantastic kiss in the summer, Elijah hoped that this was the start of something special with Waverly. Receiving a call changed everything and sent him on a downward spiral of grief. Wanting and needing to put things right between them he hopes that stepping in as Santa is the first step. Although the look on her face when she realises after the event that it is him doesn’t go down well, fortunately, he manages to convince her to hear him out.

Despite wanting to be angry towards him, Waverly can’t help the way her body betrays hers. Enjoying him taking care of her they spend time together until he says he needs to pop into town. A reminder on his phone brought him back to the moment he received the call over the summer. Turning his back on everything but his grief he risks losing Waverly again – can she save him from himself?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition or Kindle Unlimited

Naughty & Nice in Nashville: Destination Christmas

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Published 2nd December 2021
Dual POV
Part of the Destination Christmas collection

I’m drawn to Ellie Flemming the moment I meet her gaze at the rental counter line.
It has to be fate that she’s travelling to Nashville, too.

After promising her mom that she would return home to Nashville for Christmas and to attend her cousin’s wedding on Christmas Eve, Ellie is wondering how her mom is going to take the news of the snowstorm grounding all flights. There is only one rental car left and Ellie doesn’t have enough left on her credit card to cover the fee never mind the gas. Thankfully there is a knight in shining armour who also needs a rental headed to Nashville who offers to drive her.

After hiding away in a remote cabin in Wyoming, Flynn needs to head to Nashville to play in a small concert for a friend – a thank you for using his cabin. The snow grounding all flights he will be driving the 18+ hours to Nashville, with a beautiful woman by his side. Declaring that she doesn’t like country music it appears that she doesn’t recognise him and he is enjoying her company without wondering about her motives.

Thankful to Flynn for driving she settles in for their journey through the snow. He is handsome and easy to talk to. She is questioning why she is going to the wedding when she doesn’t really get on with her cousin but will do anything to keep her mom happy. Growing close they give in to the spark between them but when they arrive in Nashville and his true identity is revealed Ellie pulls away hurt that he never said anything – can Flynn change her mind?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition or Kindle Unlimited

Noelle: Holidays in Daisy Hills

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Published 16th January 2022
Dual POV
Part of the Holidays in Daisy Hills series

I worked hard to start my own web designing business.
I’m proud of the work I do, and so are my clients.
Except for one.

The festive season should be all merry and bright, except Noelle has a client from hell or at least their new assistant is. Designing a new website for the Greely Christmas Tree Farm should be an easy task for her, yet their assistant keeps coming back requesting changes. Frustrated she drags Hope to the bar for a drink to cool off.

Up until a month ago, Shane thought his life was pretty much sown up, that was until his fiancé cheated on him with his business partner. Getting the news that his grandparents wished to retire came at the right time for him to head to Daisy Hills. Frustrated by the website designer he had hired, he heads out for a drink, meeting a curvy blonde at the bar and sharing a few flirty lines. Wondering if he should take the next step or not.

Offering to drive her and her friend home, Shane walks Noelle up to her door noticing the epic Christmas tree through the window. Having a one-night stand together Shane bolts immediately after concerned that he is feeling too much, too soon. But when Noelle attends the Christmas Tree Farm the next day to speak with Mrs Greely, she discovers that the new assistant is her grandson and new owner, as well as the man from the bar. They are like magnetic drawn together, but is this just a rebound for Shane? Or can this really be love?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition or Kindle Unlimited

The Firefighter’s Secret Santa: Christmas in Alpine Valley

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Published 5th November 2021
Dual POV
Part of the Christmas in Alpine Valley series

I’ve had a crush on my brother’s best friend since I was a shy, geeky teenager.
The only thing that’s changed is that I’m all grown up.
Still shy. Still geeky.
Gage is a panty-melting gorgeous firefighter with his own fan club.
We’re practically in different universes.

Having moved back to Alpine Valley a year ago, Lily is pleased to be getting together with her friends for their annual Sip & Dip. Life is busy that meeting up can be difficult but they put this day aside every year. A surprise visit from Wilma telling them about her Secret Santa project has Lily daring her friends to take part. A part of her was hoping that she’d select Gage Anderson, her brother’s best friend and hot fireman.

Getting ready to see Wilma the next day she sees Gage who tells her she is parked in a fire area and to move before she gets a ticket. Feeling jealous as she sees Willow grab him as he makes his way to the fire station. Discovering that she has been lucky enough to draw Gage’s name in the Secret Santa project but is overwhelmed by the rules that come as part of the gift bag.

Deciding to surprise him with her homemade cookies she, unfortunately, runs into Willow as she tries to drop them off at the station. Surprised when Gage finds her and they hid in a janitor’s cupboard to get away from Willow. Finally giving into the attraction between the, they kiss but are interrupted by a fire callout. Whilst they are keen to discover this thing between them, what will her brother have to say about it all?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition or Kindle Unlimited

Snowed in with the Mountain Man – an exclusive new Christmas WitH you holiday story!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Dual POV

Escaping her toxic family for the holidays, Mallory has booked a few days at a remote cabin. Thrilled to find it stocked and welcoming for her. Managing to find decorations to make it feel more festive. She is setting in when she finds a gorgeous mountain man standing in the lounge staring at all the decorations. 

Deciding that he wants a Christmas where nobody is asking him why he doesn’t bring a girl home, Jake is looking to escape to his cabin for a few days. Surprised when he pulls up to find a Christmas tree and lights – not to mention a beautiful woman standing in his lounge. Finding out that his sister has booked the cabin even though he said not to, probably doing it in a bid to play matchmaker.

Spending the night in the cabin, Jake says that he’ll drive her into town tomorrow morning except a snowstorm forces them to stay put. Drawn together they explore this thing between them, making the most of the solitude in the mountain. That is until Mallory’s ride to the town arrives early, Jake does nothing to make her stay – was this just a holiday fling?

Did you enjoy the Christmas With You collection from Kali Hart? Be sure to check out her other books as well as the other books within the individual series included in this collection.

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