The Hunter Brothers Series {Reading Order – 3 Books} By Iona Rose

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The Hunter Brothers Series {Reading Order – 3 Books} By Iona Rose

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The Hunter brothers have always known that they would end up working for the family business, however, each of them has managed to find their own place and passions within the business – all of which are put at risk due to the women that come into their lives.

The Hunter Brothers Series By Iona Rose

Reckless Entanglement (The Hunter Brothers Book 1)

Published 3rd March 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It was one of those days. I was late at college, and then I went off to work my shift at the restaurant and the first thing I do is trip on someone’s handbag.
I’d have fallen flat on my face if not for a pair of hands that appeared out of nowhere to catch me.

Arriving two minutes late for her waitressing shift at the restaurant, Callie knows that her boss Marco will have something to say about it. Within the first hour or so of her shift, Marco has indeed had words, she has almost fallen flat on her face – saved by a handsome stranger and kicked a trash can that hurt her foot. So when Marco introduces Matt (the handsome stranger who saved her) as a new waiter she attempts to claw back her dignity, give him a quick tour and leave him to get on with it.

Starting work at the restaurant, Matt had a game plan in mind, not one that included a gorgeous waitress called Callie. Taking the train after their shift he finds her easy to talk to which complicates things even further as he feels drawn to her more and more each time they see each other. Revealing the bare minimum about himself to Callie as they begin to date, slipping up at times and having to tell half-truths.

Falling into a comfortable pattern of working in the restaurant, attending college and seeing Matt, Callie loves how he makes her feel. Although as they spend their time at her dorm or out and about she can’t help but wonder why they never go to his place. An incident at work has things coming to light and it appears that Callie has been in the dark about many things – is there a way to make things work after Matt’s secrets are revealed?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Untangle My Heart (The Hunter Brothers Book 2)

Published 26th March 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It was going so well. I might even have forgotten her, okay, not exactly forgotten, but I managed to put thoughts of her in a deep, dark place inside my mind where they wouldn’t bother me as I went on with the business of life.

Four years ago, Sebastian Hunter had his heart broken by his high school sweetheart. Ever since he has flirted his way through women, never letting himself grow attached to anyone, As the numbers man of his family business it keeps him busy and there is always a deal or merger that requires his keen eye and knowledge. He has been working hard on an upcoming merger, although he is put off his game when his brother tells him that Kimberley is back in town.

Determined to find her own way in life, Kimberley made the decision to leave after high school. Managing to find a company that was willing to take her on, she worked hard and pulled the company from the brink of collapse to the point of a merger with another company. As CFO she posed the idea of the Hunter brothers and hopes that her past will not cause any stumbling blocks. Although finally seeing Sebastian after all this time brings back everything she left behind for her career.

Working alongside the woman who broke his heart proves challenging for Sebastian. Still drawn to Kimberley they find it hard to keep things professional and at arm’s length. However, just as Sebastian realises that he might never have stopped loving her there is a spanner thrown into the works. Could he be about to lose Kimberley all over again? Is he ready to fight for everything that he wants?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Tangled with the CEO (The Hunter Brothers Book 3)

Published 20th April 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My boss asks me to go to Vegas with him. No, not like that! I mean, he’s hot enough to burn off a girl’s panties, but we don’t see each other like that. Okay, he doesn’t. Nope. It’s his brother’s stag party, but he’s a workaholic who likes to spend even his weekends working!
That’s where I come in. His trusted PA.

Whilst his older brothers have each found their own version of happiness, Chance Hunter is very much married to his work. Attending Sebastian’s stag do in Las Vegas he would much rather be going over design plans and briefs than downing shots etc. Caught answering his work phone by Sebastian who promptly dumps it in a glass of water he is furious that he won’t let him get some work completed. Although he has a plan up his sleeve in the form of his assistant Sierra who will be staying in Vegas to do some work for him.

The bonus that Sierra is getting for working an additional weekend for Mr Hiunter will come in handy. Ready to get started on the things he needs arranging she is surprised to hear him tell her to take the first night off after his brothers and friends tease him for being a workaholic. Getting ready to head out on her own she hears a knock at the door, Chance inviting her out with the rest of the stag party.

Waking up the morning after neither can recall much about the night but somehow they are both naked – oh and married! Attempting to piece what has happened they head out to find the chapel etc so that Sierra can file for an annulment. Suddenly seeing what they have in front of their eyes they embark on a what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas philosophy. Turning professional once back in the office but after hooking up again at Sebastian’s wedding, Chance can’t get her off his mind and makes a life-changing decision for her – which does not go well, can he realise what he had before it’s too late?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

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