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Jewel Stein Books {Reading Order}

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Jewel Stein is a creative mind that loves to help people through the stories she creates. Her mantra in life just like in her books is that LOVE conquers all. Jewel is a wife and mom who in her spare time loves to travel, watch movies, try new recipes, and spend time with her family and friends.

Standalone Books from Jewel Stein

One Night With A Grump: An Age Gap Single Dad Billionaire Romance

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 21st January 2023
Dual POV
Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions

One Night With A Grump: An Age Gap Single Dad Billionaire Romance Jewel Stein

Seeking shelter from the storm, Scarlet heads into a little var across the road. Although she regrets this decision when three drunks attempt to gain her attention, one of them not taking no for an answer. Fortunately, another patron in the bar comes to her rescue and as soon as she looks up she is done for. Letting him drive her home after a call from her Nana worrying about the bills leads to a night of passion between the pair. But in the morning he has gone and it appears that he has paid all her bills too.

Unsure as to why Damien feels such a connection to the young beauty in the bar but one night with her was not enough. Manipulating the situation to get her to walk back into his life with a job offer. But as he talks to her about it a shootout happens and he is furious that she was put in harm’s way. Initially pleased to find that she was unharmed after he wakes from his injuries but his anger and push-away personality have him saying the wrong things to her.

Scarlet feels as though she is getting whiplash from his mood swings and his ability to push her away at any given moment. Finding out that he has an ex-wife and daughter has her slipping away from the masquerade ball into the hands of the disgruntled business partner who is behind the attacks on Damien. Discovering she is pregnant, she wonders what to do and how Damien will take the news but just as things are going well there are more stumbling blocks in their way – is it better to cut their losses or fight for each other?

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