Lark Anderson Books {In Order}

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Lark Anderson Books {In Order}

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Lark Anderson is a USA Today bestselling author and a self-proclaimed nit-picking nerd. She has over a dozen hilarious contemporary romance novels out and is excited to explore writing shifter romances. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her family, playing Magic: The Gathering, reading, and binge-watching television.

Anthologies featuring Lark Anderson

Secret Santa: A Christmas Romance Collection (Limited Edition Romance Collections)

Meet me under the mistletoe…

In this limited edition Christmas romance collection love blooms underneath the mistletoe as secret admirers finally confess their love and secret Santas make holiday wishes of the heart come true. Get into the Christmas spirit by diving into these stories where anything can happen through the magic of Christmas—and love.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Once Upon A Broken Crown: A Fairytale Retelling Anthology

Your favourite fairytales, reimagined. What if Captain Hook was Snow White’s Savior? And Belle was the Beast she feared. Maybe Red Riding Hood isn’t so sweet. What if the villain got the girl? Or the Princesses we know and love had secrets so dark, their tales were better left distorted.

20+ classic tales retold from the minds of best-selling and award-winning authors. Romance like you’ve never imagined, the spice that’ll set you ablaze, and adventure that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. Everyone deserves a happily ever after—even if it’s twisted.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Book Series from Lark Anderson

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The Glow Girlz Series (3 Books) by Lark Anderson and Margaret McNamara

  • Stacey’s Seduction
  • Tempting Teysa
  • Desiree’s Delight

Beguiling a Billionaire (7 Books) by Lark Anderson

Standalone romantic comedies that fit into the Beguiling a Billionaire world! If you LOVE to laugh! If you CRAVE a sexy SIZZLE! And if you HATE cliffhangers—this book series is for you!

Savage In Love (4 Books) by Lark Anderson

A series of standalone romantic comedies that fit into the Savage in Love world! If you LOVE to laugh! If you CRAVE a sexy SIZZLE! And if you HATE cliffhangers—this book is for you!

Reckless in Love (3 Books) by Lark Anderson

Love you…not! (Reckless in Love Book 1)

When Natasha, a steadfast believer in love, is dumped at the altar, tech heir Roderick Branson convinces her that marrying for money is her best option.

Trust you…not! (Reckless in Love Book 2)

Ashlyn Reed knows men can’t be trusted.
They’ve burned her one too many times.

Tempt you…not! (Reckless In Love Book 3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A reckless star crossed lovers novella following the children of two rival tech firms. A chance meeting between Chad and Alyce at a bar the night before a big work presentation they are both attending. Neither of them recognises the other (plus Alyce uses the fake name of Erica) until they are hot and bothered in her hotel room. Realising who Chad is she throws him out before things go too far.

The presentations the following day don’t go amazingly for Alyce as the industry elites are too busy recalling a Spring Break video of her when she was back in college. Whilst this is happening Chad suddenly realises that Alyce is Erica from the night before. He attempts to seek her out but ends up finding one of the top people sexually harassing her. Standing up for her and defending her honour has them leaving together and picking up from the night before.

But their companies and father’s are rivals, how could this possibly work between them?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition

A Cutler Family Christmas (2 Books) by Lark Anderson

There are few things my workaholic god of a boss Roman Cutler enjoys more than making my life miserable, and one is just out of his reach, thanks to his dear, sweet mom—firing me.

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