Oakley Island Romcoms: Reading Order {3 Books} by Jenny Proctor and Emma St. Clair

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Oakley Island Romcoms: Reading Order {3 Books} by Jenny Proctor and Emma St. Clair

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The Oakley Island Romcoms follow three very different sisters as they renovate the house they inherited and find love on the island along the way.

The stories are standalone, but if you like continuous stories, it’s recommended to read them in order. Each book is a closed-door romance, with sizzling chemistry but no spice.

Oakley Island Romcoms: Reading Order

Eloise and the Grump Next Door: A Sweet Romantic Comedy (Oakley Island Romcoms Book 1)

Published 14th August 2022
Dual POV

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition

I’m not sure which is worse–the lawyer handling my grandmother’s estate or the attack pelican living on the screened-in porch. Just kidding–I’ll take the pelican any day.

Merritt and Her Childhood Crush: A Sweet Romantic Comedy (Oakley Island Romcoms Book 2)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 31st January 2023
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition

I said I’d never set foot on Oakley Island again. Not so long as HE lived there. But after my life implodes, I’m reconsidering EVERYTHING. Including my reasons for avoiding the first—and only—man I’ve ever loved.

Returning to Oakley Island and taking over the reins on the renovations of her Grandmother’s property Merritt has mixed feelings about the weeks ahead. Her big city life has imploded after her boyfriend not only cheated but got his mistress pregnant and is now marrying her. But the promotion she had been working towards had been stolen from underneath her by the same man who cheated on her. Now she is attempting to work out what her life looks like going forward. Staying on Oakley Island where she spent her childhood summers would be great if her childhood crush and now contractor on the house wasn’t in front of her.

It’s been eleven years since Hunter last saw the love of his life in person. Since the day she left and broke his heart, he has married and divorced a school friend and resulting in his daughter Isabelle – the one thing he can’t regret about that part of his life. With the death of Merritt’s grandmother, he has been waiting for the day she would return. Taking over the renovations from her sister Eloise he wasn’t ready for his heart to feel so much at seeing her again.

Having a history between them proves difficult as they attempt to find their way through the renovations. Opting for friendship to start with, although each wishes for more, however, Hunter’s ex-wife Cassidy manages to squeeze her way into their fledging relationship. Merritt second-guesses the decisions she has made since her last trip to the island as she bonds with Isabelle, Hunter’s rescue animals and of course Hunter. But she’s only here temporarily, right? She needs to get back to her big city life and leave Hunter to his small-town life – right?

Sadie and the Bad Boy Billionaire: A Sweet Romantic Comedy (Oakley Island Romcoms Book 3)

Published 26th January 2024
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition

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