A Sweet Royal RomCom Series {2 Books} by Emma St. Clair

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A Sweet Royal RomCom Series {2 Books} by Emma St. Clair

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This Sweet Royal RomCom series will make you laugh and maybe even cry. (But only a little, I promise. Happy tears!) You’ll find fresh twists on your favourite royal tropes and a cast of characters impossible not to love. Each book will have sizzling chemistry but closed-door romance.

A Sweet Royal RomCom Series: Reading Order by Emma St. Clair

Royally Rearranged: A Sweet Royal RomCom Book 1

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Published 30th September 2021
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions

There WILL be a royal wedding. The only question–who will be my groom?

Finally finishing university Princess Serafina is now able to concentrate on the small matter of her arranged marriage before she is due to be crowned Queen when her father celebrates his fifty-fifth birthday. But as she turns up to see her Prince and betrothed Callum, she finds out that he has been sowing his wild oats since the summer and has a new American girlfriend. Finding out that whilst she was aware of the arrangement between the two families, Callum was somewhat in the dark until he received her drunken-fuelled letter at the end of the summer.

Better known as the Royal Rogue, Duke Rafe has attempted to clean up his reputation over the past few years. Focusing on getting out of the conservatorship his uncle holds over his duchy. Seeing Seraf hurt and upset over Prince Callum has Rafe offering his shoulder to lean on and help make him jealous. Sacrificing his own true feelings for Seraf in order to see her happy with her chosen man by her side.

Spending time with Rafe and fake dating (which leads to a fake engagement too) Sera is torn between the life she had planned out with Callum versus the feelings she has for Rafe. With it clear that the arranged marriage is in tatters, she knows she must marry someone with a title, but will she be able to marry for love or will it be out of duty for the crown and to her parents?

Royal Gone Rogue: A Sweet Royal RomCom Book 2

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Published 28th February 2023
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions

With the king’s health in decline, the time is short for Crown Prince Phillip of Elsinore to choose a suitable wife.

As the oldest child and Crowned Prince of Elsinore, Philip has always known what his future looked like. His father, the king battling illness his future has come knocking sooner than he imagined. Realising that his mother has set her sights on getting him a wife before he becomes king he has enlisted Claudius to assist in putting together a program to analyse measurable data points to find a match. Sneaking away from Elsinore for a few days to visit a small village in Italy where is match lives he hopes to arrange his own marriage before his mother’s Cinderella ball.

Daydreaming about a handsome stranger rescuing her from her small village life Alessia shakes away the reoccurring thoughts to focus on her Nonno’s restaurant. Finding a customer waiting to be seated she thinks she is still dreaming as the most handsome man she has seen stands before her. She is lost for words as she sits him in a quiet corner and he asks about drinks and favourite dishes on the menu. Growing up with her Nonno after losing her mom in childbirth and her father when she was five years old, her little village is all she has ever known.

Surprised by how much he feels for Alessia at first sight, Philip knows that he has to do all he can to win her heart. Enjoying strolls together as they deliver food parcels after the restaurant closes they find an easy connection between them. Philip holds back on kissing her until he has told her who he is and why he came to her home after she finds out who he is. Having had him in her world it is time for her to step onto his – but will it be too much for her?

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