Royally Wrong Series (2 Books) by Lee Savino

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Royally Wrong Series (2 Books) by Lee Savino

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Welcome to the Royally Wrong series by Lee Savino, you would think that being royalty would be more or less a walk in the park. However, these two men highlight how much work it takes to live up to their titles and how the women in their lives need to steer them on the right path.

Royally Wrong Series by Lee Savino

Royally Bad (Royally Wrong Book 1) by Lee Savino

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Billionaire. Playboy. Prince. My new boss.

Media consultant Vesper Smith has a reputation as the fixer of bad boys. Successfully turning around the images of her last five clients. Her latest client, however, could be a challenge especially as yet another sex tape has been released on her first day. Theodore Kensington is the son of the hotel tycoon and his late mom was a Swedish Princess. The board are wanting to cut him loose given all the bad press he keeps gaining.

Determined to keep his dick in his pants and focus his attention in better ways, Vesper has a plan. But when his head of security informs her that she has a week to make changes it’s time to step up the persuasion techniques. Especially as he has been summoned to Sweden to meet his Grandmother the Queen after never having had any prior contact.

Switching media focus to the volunteering and good deeds he completes rather than the women who want to share a sex story proves popular. Highlighting his love for skateboarding and interaction with local youths. But will it all work? Can Vesper resist the charms from Theo that have helped him gain his sex god reputation?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

Royally Fake Fiancé (Royally Wrong Book 2) by Lee Savino

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s the age old love story: Girl meets Duke. Girl hates Duke. Duke proposes marriage.

When the Queen of New Acardia confides in Benedict that she is pregnant at long last he is pleased for her. Whilst forty-five isn’t old as such he understands that it will be a high-risk pregnancy, especially as she is having triplets. Choosing the midsummer ball as the time to name her official heir, which would have been his mother but she passed away when he was 12 years old. Having dedicated his life to the crown this should be a formality but a family secret could put his playboy younger brother in his place.

Pet sitting for clients has allowed Frankie to get away from her small town and provide her with a unique lifestyle. Currently looking after a parrot who sounds like it has watched too much porn. Escaping whilst she is in the bath she chases after it, attempting to capture it with her bathrobe – leaving her naked and stumbling into next doors house. Finding herself warring with the Duke whilst Elvis eludes capture.

Needing to clear up a misunderstanding the Duke’s PR decides that Frankie could be the solution they have been looking for. Agree to be his fake fiance and he’ll get her citizenship and pay for university. As an American, she’s not likely to be welcomed with open arms but her hard work started to pay off as she starts to feel things for the Duke her past catches up with her.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

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