Erica Frost Books {In Order}

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Erica Frost Books {In Order}

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Are you a fan of Erica Frost? Then this list of all her books in the order they were published is for you. You can buy her books from Amazon.

Standalone Books from Erica Frost

Seduced By A Billionaire: Bad Boy Opposites Attract Romance (2021) by Erica Frost

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The Hated Billionaire: Bad Boy Enemies To Lovers Romance (2021) by Erica Frost

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Christina has worked hard to become a senior executive at Caden Global. Although she finds her boss Brett Caden sexy but a real jerk. Having had a less than perfect childhood Christina is determined to put that life behind her. However, there are elements of her past trauma that bleeds into her life, Brett finds her crying in her office one evening as she is scared and unsure of the noises she can hear.

As the two of them spend more time together their attraction grows between them. Christina let go of her first impression of him. But as her past catches up with her and leaves her in danger, will Brett be able to work out what has happened and be able to save her?

A Billionaire’s Game: Opposites Attract Office Romance (2021) by Erica Frost

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Taming The Billionaire: New Adult Opposites Attract Romance (2021) by Erica Frost

Deceptive Engagement: New Adult Billionaire Romance (2022) by Erica Frost

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This day goes from bad to worse, with my super hot boss being the cherry on top.
Why? Because he thinks that telling my mom we’re engaged would be a good idea.

Penelope is having one of those days, from sleeping through her alarm (all four of them), getting a speeding ticket on the way to work and the coffee shop getting her order wrong. to top it all off she is summoned to her boss’s office and she realises that she has left the report needed at home. Thankfully her gives her an extension and she heads back to her office to find her mom there. Cue an update on her ex who is now getting married and a lecture about how it could have been her, she’s going to die alone etc.

Overhearing Penny’s mom talking about love and grandbabies, Fynn decides to interject and introduce himself as her fiance. Not really sure what possessed him to do it other than being drawn to Penny. With an engagement party to plan, her mom leaves happy, although Penny doesn’t quite share the sentiment. During a trip to Spain for work, they gave a miscommunication about a kiss. Slowly they learn more about each other the way to her mom’s house for the weekend and engagement party.

Feeling uncomfortable about lying to her family about Fynn, Penny wonders what the future will hold. They share a tender moment together on the dance floor before Fynn gets a call. Seeking her out they end up very close indeed but reality hits when they get back to the office and that phone call he ended causes issues.

Accidental Love (2022) by Erica Frost

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Throwing caution to the wind, Amy opts to join her roommates for a weekend in Vegas. Usually found studying hard she isn’t necessarily the life and soul of the party but when she bumps into one of her grumpy college professors – one that has been down on her assignments all semester. Deciding to have a bit of fun, she flirts with him when she gets out of the pool – but as a virgin, she isn’t sure how far to take things.

Staying in Vegas for the weekend in order to attend his niece’s birthday party, Professor Cross (aka Christopher_ is shocked to see one of his students. Although he almost didn’t recognise the beauty in front of him somehow he can’t walk away from Amy. Convincing her to a drink, they enjoy a fun night together where he gets her to agree to meet his family for the party.

Christopher has a turbulent relationship with his family, his mother especially but they all seem to warm to Amy – his grandmother especially. Somehow gets her to agree to marry Christopher and enjoy a magical night in a luxury desert hotel where she gives him her virginity. But reality hits for Amy the following morning and she runs away and hopes to forget any of this happened. Professor Cross, however, wants to see where the future leads them but are there too many obstacles in their path?

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