The Twisted Reapers MC Series (7 Books) by Stella Andrews

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The Twisted Reapers MC Series (7 Books) by Stella Andrews

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Behind the steel doors of the Twisted Reapers MC, they are the bikers to the outside world har nobody wants to know. Ex-Navy SEALs for the most part and other military personnel. They do the government’s dirty work and operate outside of the law and rid the country of those it can’t deal with legally.

The Twisted Reapers MC Series by Stella Andrews

Sealed With A Broken Kiss (Twisted Reapers MC Novella)

Sealed with a broken kiss- Heart of a Wounded Hero by Stella Andrews

Part of the Heart of a Wounded Hero Series

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Colonel Rick Lee rules over King’s Point Naval Academy like Satan over Hell and is just as brutal.
It’s the same at home and in every recruit’s welcome pack is a warning to stay away from the Colonel’s virgin daughter. Only a fool would disobey orders.

When your father is the Colonel of the local military academy at King’s Point you can only imagine how restrictive it can be for Sophie. Everyone is warned that she is strictly hands-off so she has to make do with the tips from the Scottish Bar she works in and her best friend Nova’s stories about her interactions with the soldiers. Her mundane life is suddenly turned on its head when Nova disappears after heading off in a cab with a stranger after a shift and the Twisted Reapers MC rolls into town with some business to do with her father.

Returning to King’s Point was not something that Rebel thought he would be doing after his dishonourable discharge at the hands of the Colonel. Warned to steer clear of both the Colonel and his daughter Sophie, he wants to get things sorted and head back to Washington. Meeting Sophie in the diner with her friends, however, awakens something in him and is happy to step in to help her later that night at the bar.

Agreeing to help Sophie find out what has happened to Nova, Rebel arranges to meet with her after her shift. However, home truths are revealed as he makes her way to rebel and suddenly she realises what or who she wants in her life. Is this just another mission? Or does Rebel want to make things more permanent?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Daddy’s Girls (Twisted Reapers MC Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Waking up after what she thought was a nightmare, however, proved to be a reality for Ashton. She is forced to feel the full weight of her decision to find a way out of the arranged marriage her father holds over her head. Whilst her brother begged her not to sell her virginity to the men he works for she now understands why he didn’t want her involved in this part of his life. Her one saving grace after her ordeal is that the man they send to take her away is her brother (not that they realise this). He arranges a safe haven for her with the Twisted Reapers MC as a nanny to the president’s daughter.

Ex-military Navy SEAL Ryder King is the president of the Twisted Reapers who handle justice for those who feel they are beyond the reach of the law. His daughter, Cassie, is his world whilst his needs are fulfilled by the club whores – especially Kitty who is hoping to claim old lady status. However, from the moment Ashton walked in with her brother his life changed. Beyond attraction, he felt a deeper connection to the fallen angel. Opting to change the status of her stay with the MC from nanny to wife. Happening in the blink of an eye he has a mother for his daughter and a wife in his bed. Although she is too damaged to enjoy relations straightaway.

With Ryder showing her kindness, patience and what it feels like to be loved, Ashton falls into her role as mom and wife -eventually wanting more than just the public affection the MC sees. As well as wanting to handle herself she learns self-defence but is surprised when she is drawn into a similar compromising situation. Can she really do this without Ryder stepping in?

Available to buy on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Twisted (Twisted Reapers MC Book 2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After being rescued from an abuser who kept her captive and locked up, Kitty (Katherine) has spent the last three years with the Twisted Reapers MC. As a club whore she hasn’t been selected to be someone’s old lady, although she had hopes of Ryder loving her as she loved him. Cast aside as a new addition to the MC arrived Kitty was in some ways pleased to leave on a mission that needs her skill set.

Owing his life to Ryder, Sam agreed to the favour that he called in. Needing a band of despicable politicians brought sown for crimes against women. Sam will help Kitty gather the evidence needed but he wasn’t ready to be attracted to her when she arrived in his office. Attempting to mask his feelings he puts everything in place for the different phases to get these five men back for their crimes. Seeing that Katherine has a past that dictates some of her present life, Sam finds himself doing all he can to show her what the love of a man can be like.

Kitty finds herself conflicted by her task ahead wanting to see these men get what’s coming to them. However, past traumas trigger throughout each phase but Sam is there every step of the way. Becoming her rock, her person to lean on and her everything. Sam wonders whether Katherine feels as deeply as he does or whether she would go back to Ryder if she was given the option. With the mission coming to a dramatic close will Sam be able to be there for her or will his work take priority?

Available to buy on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

The Billion Dollar Baby (Twisted Reapers MC Book 3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sydney is contemplating what to do about the rent increase on the dance studio she runs. Working in the diner to help pay for her share of the rent on the flat she shares with Lucy. She is only just getting by, however, the mobster landlord has two options for her – find the extra money to pay the impossible increase or keep things as they are by dancing in his sleazy club. Not much of an option either way. Luckily she is able to be distracted by a handsome stranger who has been in the diner for two days. Although when he finally speaks to her, he rocks her world.

Wanting and needing revenge on his father and his sleazy partner, Tyler has handed his sister, Ashton, over to the Twisted Reapers to keep her safe. Whilst he goes in search of something or someone who can help bring these men down. Tracking Sydney down who is the half-sister of the business partner who had been signed up to marry his sister. Although Sydney is unaware of this family, having been pushed and pulled through the care system. Tyler is hoping to tell her the truth about her family, and the money she is entitled to and make her his wife in the process.

This was only ever meant to be a business revenge plot, however, Tyler finds himself feeling guilty for what he is doing to Sydney especially since he hasn’t explained the whole truth. Growing closer together are they able to make this work in the long term is this always going to involve Tyler using a woman to get what he wants?

Available to buy on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Bodyguard (Twisted Reapers MC Book 4)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Having her parents up and leaving her behind when she was eighteen, Lucy has been making her own way ever since. Managing to find a roommate Sydney who feels like family to her. Landing a job as a PA to a top local businessman six months ago. Becoming more than just a working relationship although she was mortified when she discovered he was married with children. Professing to leave his wife, Lucy believed the sorry tale but it was all just talk leading her to walk away from her job and the man she thought she loved when he spells it out for her.

Four days of riding on the back of his motorcycle on a protection mission that Jet has been sent on by his Twisted Reapers MC president. Babysitting the friend of another mission he isn’t thrilled about the assignment until he meets Lucy. Her sassy mouth, vulnerable nature and gorgeous body have him thinking it was lucky he was on hand when the call came through. Attempting to find out more about the douchebag businessman who has put her world into a spin. Plus a mob boss is coercing her into working at his strip club to avoid rent increases on both her flat and Sydney’s dance studio.

Not wanting to put herself into the hands of another man, Lucy seems to accept her fate 0 return to work as her boss’s whore or work at the club and become a whore for the clientele. Jet is not happy with either of these options and works to find an alternative way to get rid of the threats against her. It’s a rollercoaster of a ride for them but will Jet be able to ride away without Lucy when this is all over?

Available to buy on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Flash (Twisted Reapers MC Book 5)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After a difficult marriage, Jennifer needed to leave her husband and fled to the safety of the Twisted Reapers MC with her daughter Imogen. Having formed a friendship with Ashton (the president’s old lady) she knew that she could turn up unannounced and be welcomed. Although she has given few details as to why she has left her husband she knows that her stay is only temporary. Helping around the club to pay her way she is used to the bikers and their whores. Her day brightens up whenever Flash makes it into the bat – a hot piece of eye candy for her but he is off-limits for many reasons.

The Twisted Reapers are known for taking in fallen angels and offering them a safe haven until they wish to move on or become an old lady (a biker’s wife). The addition of Jennifer and her adorable daughter should be no different for Flash, however, there is something about her that has him wanting to know more. Warned off by Ryder (the MC president) as she is married and here for protection Flash can’t help himself and finds any way, he can be a friend, a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear.

There are many skeletons in Jennifer’s closet that she doesn’t wish to confess to. Horrified that people, especially Flash, would judge her and possibly ask her to leave if they learned the full story. Finding solace in the bottom of a bottle is no answer and Flash steps up to show her that there are people who care for her and will do anything to protect her and Imogen from any threats.

Available to buy on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Country Girl (Twisted Reapers Bonus Novella)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Country star Sunny should feel as though she has the world at her feet. Instead, she is stuck in the same routine of shows, hotels, press interviews etc. that her controlling manager has arranged for her. As she gets out at yet another soulless hotel she happens to look up and see Tyson, the boy to who she gave her heart and virginity four years ago – only for him to walk away on the biggest day of her life.

His time in the military and subsequently the Twisted Reapers MC has managed to keep Tyson’s mind occupied. Having walked away from the one girl he has ever loved he is shocked to see her heading into a local hotel. Managing to find a way inside to see her, although she is still unhappy about how things ended between them. Explaining to her about the circumstances behind why he left he hopes that now she is here he can keep her in his life.

The connection between the two sweethearts is still very much there. Initially fighting her reaction to him, Sunny eventually gives in and makes the most of what little time they have together. Especially considering she is due to get married in Vegas to another country star (who is gay) as a publicity stunt her manager has done – time to get the bikers to delve deeper into Sunny’s manager and work out why she has very little of the money she has earned etc.

Dirty Hero (Twisted Reapers MC Book 6)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The last book in the Twisted Reapers MC series, however, the story takes place before all the others so could be enjoyed first.

Working as an undercover Fed, Bonnie is working on her toughest assignment to date – Infiltrating a biker club and feeding information back. Although she has managed to gather enough information back, she still hasn’t withdrawn. With her time running out as the MC president, Blaze claims her as his old lady and pushes an immediate wedding – and he has been through several old ladies with no happy endings in sight for any of them.

The Twisted Reapers MC is called in to take back the situation, remove the threat from the corrupt MC with Blaze and the other bikes and take Bonnie to safety. Initially, Tyson was tasked with getting Bonnie out and tucked away in a cabin until the investigation is over, however, as soon as Snake looked at her, he knew she was the one for him. Warming up his cold, closed-off heart and feeling the need to protect her at all costs.

Barely escaping the situation Bonnie is not thrilled about being taken into the woods with an unknown biker. Despite him being gorgeous, she needs to focus on what just happened and the consequences she is about to face. Determined to make her come around to his thinking, Snake tries his best to convince Bonnie that he is the one for her and that they can have a future together once this is all over.

Available to buy on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

If you enjoyed this series, then make sure to check out the Five Kings Series by Stella Andrews which also features Twisted Reapers MC president Ryder King.

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