C.M. Danks Books {In Order}

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C.M. Danks Books {In Order}

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Author C.M. Danks is a proud wife and small-town girl, turned dreamer. She is a caring Medical Assistant, who graduated from her local college in 2014. Her love for reading romance turned into a passionate hobby of writing. She has an obsession with Starbucks, video games, anime, coffee, and anything sweet.

Standalone Books from C.M. Danks

Dance For Me (2021) by C.M. Danks

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Okay, so being fired from her dream job and possibly being evicted from her apartment in NYC with a killer view, wasn’t exactly what Vanessa had signed up for.

Fired from her fashion assistant role, Vanessa isn’t sure what she is going to do. Searching online is fruitless and heads to her local coffee shop to think things over. A call from her mother expressing their disappointment in her and that she can always come home if needed has her feeling she has hit rock bottom. A handsome stranger at the next table overhears the conversation and offers her a job. Taking his card she’s not sure about it but decides to head over to check it out.

Luke is pleased to see that Vanessa turned up at his club, but ends up chasing after her as she soon leaves. Disgusted by the fact it is a strip club, although he prefers to call it a gentleman’s club. With bills backing up, she is desperate and takes him up on the offer. She’s not sure how she’ll manage to dance in front of everyone but she needs the cash. There is a magnetic pull between the two of them, not quite letting them get close enough but the push and pull is great to read.

Soon Vanessa is receiving stalker letters and it is Luke who steps up to help her. Slowly letting her in on things from his past as they attempt to find out who is behind it all. Blowing hot and cold, Vanessa is at a breaking point with Luke. Can they truly go all in together? Or are they better to walk away from each other?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Book Series from C.M. Danks

Book Series from C.M. Danks
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Steel Valley Chains MC (3 Books) by C.M. Danks

Steel Valley Chains MC is a world filled with romance, action/suspense, drama, and leather!

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