Martinelli Mafia Series (3 Books) by Kristen Proby

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From New York Times Bestselling Author Kristen Proby comes the all-new Martinelli Mafia family series! Hold onto your seat as we introduce you to Kristen’s new MAFIA FAMILY!

Martinelli Mafia Series (3 Books) by Kristen Proby

Underboss (Martinelli Mafia Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Back when she was a little girl Nadia knew what she wanted and went after it. Grabbing and kissing Carmaine at a family party. However, her father pulls her to one side and tells her she cannot get involved with a Martinelli. Fast forward many years and the different mafia families are still opposing fractions. A death at a family wedding has the two working together to find out what happened.

Forced to collaborate they attempt and fail to fight their attraction to each other. Embarking on a journey of investigation both in terms of each other and the leads for finding out who is behind the death. With their paths/leads taking them to lots of different paces and uncovering some surprising truths. 

Available to buy from Amazon in paperback, audiobook and Kindle Edition.

Headhunter (Martinelli Mafia Book 2)

Off the Record (Martinelli Mafia Book 3)

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