A Sweet Royal RomCom Series {2 Books} by Emma St. Clair

9 March 2023

This Sweet Royal RomCom series will make you laugh and maybe even cry. (But only a little, I promise. Happy tears!) You’ll find fresh twists on your favourite royal tropes and a cast of characters impossible not to love. Each book will have sizzling chemistry but closed-door romance.

Snowflakes and Holidates Collection (8 Books)

15 February 2023

The magic and sparkle of the holidays lead eight passionate women to take a chance on a man who will make their Christmas wish come true. These snowflakes and holidates take a peppermint twist and are as unique as the snowflakes falling outside their windows.

Alpha Billionaire Series (12 Books) by Ava Gray

1 February 2023

Ava Gray brings you a collection of Alpha Billionaires in this contemporary romance series. Featuring the alpha, in-control men who are blindsided by the women in their lives. But will they manage to wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late?

An Office Romance Series (8 Books) by Iona Rose

12 January 2023

We all like to think that we can keep work and our personal lives separate, however, what happens when an office romance blossoms with your boss? Iona Rose takes us on a series of office romances to showcase the highs and lows of finding love at work.