Alphalicious Bosses Series {Reading Order – 2 Books} by Sofia Finn

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Alphalicious Bosses Series {Reading Order – 2 Books} by Sofia Finn

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Take a look at the full-length standalone novels in the Alphalicious Bosses series from Sofia Finn. No cheating or cliffhanger and happily-ever-after guaranteed!

Alphalicious Bosses Series by Sofia Finn

Doctor Bossy: An Age Gap Pregnancy Romance (Alphalicious Bosses Book 1)

Published 1st October 2022

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A few self-reminders when working for Dr. Sexy McCormick:
1. Don’t imagine him shirtless.
2. Don’t sleep with him.
3. And definitely don’t fall hard for him because the last thing I need is another heartbreak.
I never seem to be good at keeping things in check.

Popping over to see her fiancé a day earlier than planned after he’d been away has been an eye-opening experience for Becca. Finds him balls deep inside of someone else and he has the nerve to say that she’s a day early. Needless to say, she needs things and makes her way back to her apartment. Arriving at work the following day she wonders why her colleagues and professors are looking at her funny.

Not satisfied with cheating on her, James has shared nude photos of her that have now cost her the genetics lab job she had been doing. Getting drunk seems like a good answer to her problems, as well as showing up at his house to find it is his father, Griffin there.

Intoxicated and raving about how badly James has treated her has Griffin wondering where he went wrong with his son. Although he could sense that Becca was going to kiss him, he didn’t do anything to stop it before it happened. Deciding she needed to sleep off the alcohol, Griffin makes her stay the night (in separate rooms). Finding out the next morning exactly what James has done and tells Becca that he will smooth things over with her lead professor.

Despite the obvious age gap between them, they can’t seem to get each other out of their mind. Becca attempts to gain a role in Griffin’s cancer drug lab but he initially is reluctant to do so she wears him down with her research and suggestions. A persistent call log from her mom has Becca making the trip to her old neighbourhood but as usual, her mom is only after something, and not interested in Becca. As Becca and Griffin embark on an arrangement, obstacles are consistently thrown into their path – not least a surprise pregnancy!

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Bossy Trouble: A Billionaire Secret Baby Romance (Alphalicious Bosses Book 2)

Published 29th October 2022

Rating: 4 out of 5.

CEO Donovan was my first everything.
And now my boss.
When he sees my sweet little girl has his sea-blue eyes…
He knows something’s wrong.

Georgia Peyton is about to do something she never thoughts that she would – ask Donovan Dresden for money. Her brother’s friend who she dated back in school, promptly broke her heart and she left carrying the baby he knew nothing about. Fast forward five years later and she is standing outside his offices debating whether or not there is another avenue she can try to get the money she needs for her business.

To say that Donovan was shocked to see Georgia entering his office is an understatement, Gone is the firefly girl he once knew to be replaced with a meek mouse who is sitting asking for a loan to rescue her business. With a host of his own problems, he isn’t about to take on her too but feels like toying with her a little. Managing to gain a kiss from her before his secretary interrupts them. Days later he visits Georgia to hear more about her business and offers to help her – except it isn’t quite how she had planned.

Learning to work together, Donovan pushes Georgia in hopes of making her crack under his ridiculous demands. Finding out that she has a daughter has him toning down her approach. Unable to resist each other they begin a friends-with-benefits arrangement, Donovan spending time with both Georgia and Avery. As business and personal secrets are revealed on both sides are they able to make this more than just an arrangement?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

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