The Carpino Series {5 Books} by Brynne Asher

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The Carpino Series {5 Books} by Brynne Asher

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Meet the Carpino family from USA Today’s Bestselling Author Brynne Asher. They are fiercely protective of each other, always ready to lend a helping hand or fight for their family members. Take a look at their paths to discovering love, finding a way to navigate the pitfalls that they face and whether they are meant to be together or walk away.

If you’re under the age of 18, this author is frowning at you with her mama eyes telling you to walk away.

The Carpino Series Reading Order

Overflow: The Carpino Series

Published 28th August 2014
Dual POV

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle

When an FBI raid changes your life…

That’s what happens to Gabrielle Carpino.

Just when she forced herself to move on with life after tragedy touched her family, she finds herself thrown into a tailspin so swift, she can’t find her bearings. Being cuffed and patted down by Special Agent Jude Ortiz is enough to wake anyone up. With his dark chocolate eyes and commanding ways, Gabby can’t resist.

Beautiful Life: The Carpino Series

Published 24th February 2015
Dual POV

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle

She was the one who got away … the only one he ever wanted.

This is a story of heartache and broken souls. A story of being exactly what the one you love needs when they need it, even if it goes against every being of your nature.

Because love isn’t love unless it’s selfless.

Athica Lane: The Carpino Series Book3

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 29th September 2015
Dual POV

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle

A single dad, grumpy-sunshine, age-gap romance that will leave you wanting more…

As the youngest Carpino sibling, Paige will forever be thought of as the baby, which given that she is tiny helps solidify the way that they treat her. After finishing college she set up a successful food events company with a blog alongside which is going from strength to strength. Her sister taking an anniversary trip she will be staying in their home on Athica Lane to look after her nephews after their daily summer camp, as well as the neighbour’s two children. Getting last-minute errands completed at the mall she hits a brick wall of a man who has knocked Dr Pepper down on her and he is accepting none of the blame in the incident.

Cam Montgomery moved to Athica Lane after his divorce, wanting a clean slate from anything involving his ex-wife. Having primary custody apart from two weekends per month to his two children he is juggling a full-time teaching position, coaching and The Shed. Thankfully his neighbour picks the children up from camp and keeps them until he gets home but wasn’t expecting the tiny, fiery woman from the mall to be Sophie’s sister who is helping out whilst she is away. They clash heads at any given opportunity, but somehow he can’t seem to get her off his mind.

Over the course of the next week or so, they end up dealing with a host of issues. Paige makes it her mission to bring little Cara out of her shell, and succeeds. But she is not thrilled by meeting their mom who appears to be one of the reasons behind the little girl’s shyness. Whilst Cam deals with issues from his ex-wife which Paige gets drawn into, it seems that Paige has her own issues with a friend who wants more from her but she’s not interested. Cam is the first man in her life that she wanted to be close to but are they able to overcome significant relationship roadblocks in order to be together?

Until Avery: The Carpino Series Crossover Novella Book 4

Published 18th July 2018
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle

I never had one. Never even knew what a dream was until a certain unassuming Carpino waltzed into my life. That day my world tilted.

Force of Nature: The Carpino Series Book 5

Published 4th March 2022
Dual POV

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle

A forced proximity and enemies to lovers romance about a tale of online dating that goes from bad to delicious.

Force of Nature was originally published in the Snowed Inn for Christmas Anthology

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