Heart of Gracetown Series (Reading Order – 4 Books) by Sofia Finn

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Heart of Gracetown Series (Reading Order – 4 Books) by Sofia Finn

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Are you ready to spend some time in the heart of Gracetown? A series to swoon over in these small-town suspense romances in a brand new standalone series with no cliffhanger and a happily-ever-after!

Heart of Gracetown Series by Sofia Finn

Accidental Daddy (Heart of Gracetown Book 1) by Sofia Finn

A Secret Baby Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m falling for my best friend’s brother, but my secret could destroy him…

Moving to Gracetown, Faith hoped that it would be a new start for her after her accident that has left her panicking about leaving the house and unable to remember a few months of her life, Her therapist suggested that she find ways to get out of the house, which is how she found herself at a community organised litter pick and where she met Lucia 0 the mayor’s daughter who was there on community service. Getting ready to attend her friend’s 21st birthday she thinks about bailing but decides to go after texts from Lucia.

Vinny can’t believe the spectacle in front of his eyes as the venue for his sister’s birthday has pink everywhere – Lucia doesn’t even like pink! Keeping his parents calm whilst they stress that she hasn’t even arrived yet, has him getting an earful about why he should run for mayor when his father steps down. Lucky for him he spots a beauty across the room who looks like she could do with help.

Panic attacks are nothing new to Faith but she’d hoped that she wouldn’t do it in public. A saviour coming to her aid at the party turns out to be Lucia’s big brother. Recognising the panic he calms her down and they continue to cross paths as Faith is concerned that she hasn’t heard from Lucia following the no-show at the party. Growing closer Vinny feels protective of Faith but has family duties as he finally agrees to run for mayor – but where is Lucia?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Accidental Fake (Heart of Gracetown Book 2) by Sofia Finn

A Brother’s Best Friend Pregnancy Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My fake fiancé is my brother’s best friend.
And soon-to-be my baby daddy.

Lucia Romano has a bit of a troubled reputation, from crashing her father’s car to drinking and partying. Something she has been attempting to put behind her especially after being kidnapped a few months ago. So when her friend asks her to attend a blind date on her behalf she agrees. Arriving at the restaurant and asking for Mr P. she is shocked to find her brother’s best friend Santiago is her date.

Running for mayor, Santiago has a whole host of ideas for Gracetown, Although as a nin-native he has a bit of an uphill battle ahead of him. His campaign manager noted that his single status doesn’t push the wholesome family feel to the town. Deciding to set up a fake fiance arrangement in place, he has invited Piper to meet him so he can run it past his long-term friend. However, it is Lucia who arrives, After bickering back and forth she shuts him up with a kiss – one that awakens something in him.

She was never going to be his fake fiance but when he is blackmailed by a photo of them kissing he decides he can make it work. Helping her with the troubled teens she assists at the local correctional camp. But as they cross lines he pushes her away and she is left on the sidelines but can they make something from this? or is it all fake?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Broken Daddy (Heart of Gracetown Book 3) by Sofia Finn

An Enemies to Lovers Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5.

She isn’t just younger.
She’s my best friend’s daughter…
And her baby has my hazel eyes.

Running late after her shift at the restaurant Kayla knows that she needs to get back to pick up her son Hunter. Feeling as though she is being followed she takes a detour to stay hidden. She has been on the run for the past few years after witnessing something she shouldn’t have when visiting her father. But after becoming a mom she has more than herself to think about.

Hired by his friend’s wife, Monty is searching for Kayla to reunite her Faith. However, when he finds her he is in for a shock as he knows her as Audrey, the girl he had a one-night stand with two years ago. Convincing her to visit Gracetown after a struggle and a call to Faith they have to spend a few hours in a motel whilst his car is fixed. Just enough time for his PTSD from his time in the military to rear itself through a nightmare.

Reconnecting with friends Kayla relaxes for the first time until the news that Hunter has gone missing. Monty learns that she has a son, his son! Determined to keep her safe Monty moves them to a new apartment in Gracetown and they attempt to navigate a relationship but the danger is still lurking around the corner.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Doctor Grump (Heart of Gracetown Book 4) by Sofia Finn

A Single Dad Pregnancy Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I need money.
He needs a nanny.
And the last thing we need is this unexpected baby.

Piper Santorini is known and loved by all in Gracetown. She has a happy-go-lucky, approachable nature and finds happiness in almost any situation. Although attending her grandmother, Judith’s funeral and will reading she is struggling to keep her emotions in check, especially as everyone does not seem that sad about her death. The arrival of the last person needed for the will reading takes her by surprise as the new local doctor who had been treating her grandmother.

Dr Ian Graham could do without having to attend this will reading, especially as Judith was difficult to engage as a patient. Shocked to discover that the bulk of her finances have been left to him and his new mental health foundation – needless to say her family are not happy. He bumps into Piper later who is chatting to his teenage daughter and offering to help her get to New York, he is livid! Realising that yet another nanny has quit Ian doesn’t know what to do, but his daughter mentions Piper who could be his last hope.

Needing money to repay her families debt and to avoid being married off to the Count, Piper agrees to become his daughter’s nanny. It’s a very rocky start for them both but somehow find a way to live/work together until they have a one-night stand. Tensions between them rise not helped by his daughter and her family – with Piper needing a fake fiance ASAP.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

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